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The creator, PLAYTIME, of the system of websites, events, and activities explicitly referred to as a part of "SF0" (henceforth, "Game"), assumes no responsibility for the actions of users (henceforth, “Players”) of this website or any affiliated website (including but not limited to and This includes, but is not limited to, content posted to the Game by Players, suggested activities ("Tasks"), and actions taken by Players in particular or in general.

As a Player, you agree to assume complete responsibility for any and all actions you or your character undertakes relating to you or your character's participation in the Game. You agree to submit no material to the Game that you have not created, or do not have permission to display publicly or reproduce in accordance with any applicable copyright. You agree that any action taken as part of your participation in the Game is in accordance with applicable laws and statutes no violation of such is sanctioned by the Game or PLAYTIME. Any suggestion of any such violation that appears as part of the Game is due solely to the fictional nature of a game, and is not intended to condone or indemnify any violation of any local, state, or federal laws, nor any intrusion upon or violation of the rights of any Player, person, or persons.

Due to the malleability of digital media, any appearance of such a violation by any Player may not be considered evidence, precedent, or approval of such a violation. Any material displayed as part of the Game should be considered fictive until and unless proven otherwise.