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Goddess of Doom and Thievery
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Mihi by Goddess of Doom and Thievery

May 7th, 2009 6:36 PM / Location: 61.581701,-149.4655

INSTRUCTIONS: In Maori culture, when you formally introduce yourself in a meeting house it is called a "Mihi". You tell people your canoe, tribe, sub-tribe and family, but you ALSO identify specific geological features to which you "belong". For example, "your" lake, mountain, river, forest etc.

Chose at least three geographical features that you consider "yours". Document them.

Geographical features.

There are two kind of geography: Human and physical.

So I've got a little bit of both.

I've spent most of my life in transit. Always moving, always starting over. I never really got attached to anything. I still find it difficult to attach to things.

I finally started attaching to things about 3 years ago, at the end of freshman year. And here I am, newly finished senior. Graduation in a week. This task was a wonderful though somewhat painful trip down memory lane for me.

My first stop was the baseball field.

My baseball field.


This field is where I spent many a joyous night, with the one who of all the people I've ever known, means the very most to me.

My nights here are some of the happiest memories I possess. Hours of conversation, experiencing my first love and also my first pleasure, imparting secrets that I had never told, learning secrets that I have kept to this day, playing little games, and just existing with the one I loved most.


To this day, the half-light dusk, the smell of rain, the sound of the birds that chirp in the morning, the path near the field, riding my bike, they all make me think back to those nights, back to when the person I was with still wanted me, still had me, still kept promises, and still accepted me for all I am. Our relationship has changed a lot since then, became turbulent. We broke up a while ago, but I still love him very much. The memories and a ring are all that is left of what we were. The grass was much greener back then.


The next stop was a park.

I consider it one of my parks.


This park has been a place where many things have happened for me. Many days spent with friends, concerts, jokes, laughter, love, secret meetings, first kisses, hiding places. It is has been victim of several tasks. I didn't realize that it meant so much to me until I was thinking about this task. I've spent more time there than I realized, and it was always with friends or the one I love. Things happened here.


That picnic table makes me think of last summer, right before I moved to Oregon again. Me and my friends sat on it and talked and spent some last time together.


This is a hiding place I always loved. When I was younger, I played make believe in there a lot. This is still at the lake park.


The inside of that bush is like a tunnel. When the leaves are there, it hides well.


Right by that tree is where I always seem to sit or lay when I'm there. I remember a time when I was laying in the sun there, the people I was with had gone to the store. This guy walked up and used a really bad pickup line.
"How you doing?"
"I asked how you're doing, not how you're looking."
Ya. bad pickup line. But it was the first time anyone ever used a pickup line on me.


That the pedestrian underpass that leads under the highway next to the park. It was there that I experienced my very first real kiss. My friends, of course, had to harass us and ruin the moment.


The snow still hadn't melted from the inside of it, so I couldn't really get in.

My next place was some woods in town.

They are mine.


You see, 2 summers ago, this is where my love and I went to so we could be alone. We talked, and we did other things ;) of course. I tried things I hadn't tried before, learned things, had fun, lost something precious to me in them, found a couch, had fun.


That's the path we always took to get into the woods.


And this is the patch where we would lay, basking in the joy of touching each other.

The next place is also a park.


This parking lot has been interesting. I've had long conversations, found new love, listened to new music, realized things, experienced a truly epic kiss, plotted, left foot prints on the windshield, and first started losing someone I love in this parking lot.


This is the amphitheater at the park. I've spent many a summer evening there, listening to music and hanging with my first love. Its where I first discovered Lavoy, and amazing local band. Funny things have happened, fights have happened(both verbal and physical), weird drug dealers have harassed us, I realized I may not be able to handle my most recent love for the rest of my life, and saw jealousy in the eyes of my old love.


The view from the top of the theater. A point of view I have been at many times.


And there's the playground in the background. I've had fun playing there with my friends, even though we were way too old. I love that park. Its where we installed one of our mirrors.

So you see, though these memories are wonderful, at the same time they make me sad, remind me that things are so different. I've changed a lot, and these are the places where those changes happened.

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The Baseball Field
out there, in the outfield
The Goddess
The lake park
the lake, the shore, the picnic table
the bush
The bush tunnel
The spot
The pedestrian underpass
The inside
The woods
The path
The patch
The parking lot
The amphitheater
The view
The playground....and the Goddess

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(no subject) +1
posted by Force TheOneAndOnly on July 14th, 2009 8:51 PM

This really goes to show how we as humans attach places and locations with memories and feelings. This is trully an amazing completion and yes I was sobbing the whole time, the emtion in this, pure and powerful. Amazing job. (:

melancholy is the joy of feeling blue
posted by susy derkins on July 15th, 2009 8:22 AM

Footprints on the windshield, there must be a great story there.
(C´mon, people, let´s make more).
I'm really digging this bittersweet AK0.

(no subject)
posted by Goddess of Doom and Thievery on July 16th, 2009 1:09 AM

Why thank you. I'm quite honored (: