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Art Unseen by Borgasm, Rin Brooker, Mary-Clare Cable

November 21st, 2009 5:35 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Select a piece of artwork. Study the art for however long you like. Then reproduce the art while wearing a blindfold.

Publicly display your work.

I've been planning our art unseen contest for a month but have been swamped with papers and a play and have not had time to run it. That is, until TODAY!

After many texts and phone calls, the "contest" (which wasn't really a contest, because there were no prizes or points) ended up being between just me, Rin, and Mary-Clare. I was hoping to bring in Cody and our non-player friends Saryn and Jeremy, but they were LAME and couldn't make it. ;P My roommate Christine came along and acted as our judge, assistant, and photographer, and a few people came and watched. We made our art in the Wood Center, a big public place, which to my enjoyment meant that I actually got to run into my icky ex-boyfriend and his new lover while wearing a corset. :)

Rin: What does that have to do with anything??

ANYHOO, There were three rounds, each with us attempting to recreate a different picture. Mary-Clare used coloured pencils, Rin used chalk pastels, and I used watercolour pens (which made a HUGE mess). We were all blindfolded and given 3 minutes to draw our pictures. At one point, a woodcenter staff member came over to ask if any of us was using paint, because we weren't allowed to be blindfolded if we were. Christine, like a good task assistant, lied and said we weren't painting. As I painted. And the lady believed her and left us alone. So HA!

After Christine and I got back to our dorm, I remembered the putting the art on display part. So I found an open wall in my dorm and put them up in chronological order, with each of the three artists getting a different row. I also put up our reference pictures and a sign referencing sf0. I think if someone looks at the display, they'll be able to figure out what was going on. :)

Update: It is the last day of dorm living (December 19th) and the art display is still up. Not a single piece has been taken down! :)

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Drawings on Display
Beginning our challenge
Rin's Charizard
Mary-Clare's Charizard
Aurora Borealis!
Beginning round 2
Mary-Clare using her hands
Rin using her hands
Exhibit B
More drawing!
Round 3!
Fuck getting the colours right!
Let's just draw circles!
Almost finished!
Borg's drawings
Mary-Clare's drawings
Rin's drawings
Rin's pants

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