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Lola Boom Boom
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The Death of Public Life In The Age of Insatiability by Lola Boom Boom

February 26th, 2008 3:54 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Document all the public actions you take in a day. Additionally, document all the private actions you take that same day.

Graph your actions.

I have highlighted all private actions in blue and all public actions in red and actions with an accompanying photograph are in green. These colors correspond
with my graph, the green section representing how many photos correspond to either public or private actions.

Wake up to 6:00 AM phone alarm

Set alarm for 6:15 AM

Wake up to 6:15 AM phone alarm

Set alarm for 6:30 AM

I am awoken by A.S. (boyfriend) – it is time to give the cat her medicine

I groan and sit up

A.S. tells me that the cat loves me

I fill dropper and squirt pink penicillin in to the cat’s mouth

I grab the bottle of treats on the bedside table and lay two on the floor

Set alarm for 6:45 AM

Roll over in bed

A.S. says he is leaving

I give A.S. a kiss

We talk shortly about voting and my ride home from work. I say goodbye to him

I lay back down for a few minutes

I sit up and find an envelope of money owed to me from my roommate on the floor

I grab my towel from the closet door

I walk to the bathroom where I: crap, brush my teeth, wash my face, wash my hair

I walk back into the bedroom and apply face lotion

I turn up the TV – today’s weather is 47 degrees and rainy

I light a cigarette*

I look at my phone and discover one missed call from my Mother

I call my Mother back

She missed my call yesterday

Watch Hilary Clinton on TV while I blow dry my hair

Take off clothes

Put on clothes

Try to match shoes to outfit*

Change outfit

Choose gray plaid shoes*

Watch segment on Early Show – Fat people Banned from Restaurants

Put hair in pony tail

Phone Rings

Mom is here to pick me up

Put on galoshes

Light Cigarette


Gather things to take to work

Walk downstairs

Realize I have forgotten my security pass

Walk upstairs to get security pass

Leave house

Slip and slide on frozen grass

Arrive at/enter car

Say hello to Mom

On way to work we talk about: Religion, Red Lobster, Voting, Hula, Belly Dancing and Paranormal State

Arrive at work

Say goodbye to Mom

Enter work

Change from boots to shoes

Log on to computer – note time 7:57 AM

Check work e-mail

Check band website and record page audience progress

Check personal e-mail


Take photo of smoking area*

Say good morning twice on the way back inside

Fill water bottle*

Check fridge for left over lunch

Blow nose*

Check work “to do” list

Surf Web

M (boss) arrives – say good morning

Talk to boss about the days important topics

She instructs me to write a complaint e-mail to a company that didn’t fulfill promises

Wrote complaint e-mail, felt bad for recipient but also strangely empowered

Pee Break

Check meeting schedule

Begin work in Excel


Blow nose

Work in Excel

Surf Intervention web site

Work in Excel

Reschedule Meetings as per M

10:00 Smoke Break – Contemplated unusually high water level in creek while experiencing uncomfortable silence with co-worker

Check work e-mail

Work in Excel

Blow Nose

Check bank account

Check bus schedule – web site still down

Work in Excel

Talk with Facilities about supply order

Talk with M about supply order

E-mail facilities about supply order

Work in Excel

Eat chocolate shaped like bone*

Facilities wants sample of supply order

I have no sample

Recipient of mean e-mail calls and gives me anything I want

Facilities wants me to look at supply order

Tell M about mean e-mail working – I feel sense of satisfaction

Work in Excel

Facilitates brings me supply order – I approve

Pee Break

Receptionist visits my pod. My son has an ear infection. Are we still doing lunch? Only if Facilities doesn’t give me a job to do. I’ll call you at 12:00. Cool, Peace.

Work in Excel

Over hear M bitching about voting times 12 -9. Tried to vote this morning – no luck

Meeting – Find out other supervisor is Republican, try as hard as possible to control the hatred rushing through my veins. Almost nod off while discussing things that mean nothing to me. Think about ugly thumbs and how black socks make my think of smelly feet.

LUNCH!!! Receptionist drives me to Wendy’s. I order Fish Sandwich combo meal with a side of cheese. We go down to the basement at work to eat. We are joined by two guys that I don’t know. We watch Judge Mathis and some police case show. A.S. calls and we discuss voting/ride home plan of action.

Went out back to smoke, talked with receptionist about her son, cops, shoes, why she doesn’t vote.

Applied lip gloss*

Check e-mail

Work in Excel

Get bored and put on ZUNE – I choose Shuffle and “Man who sold the world” by Nirvana comes on.*

Blow nose

Pee Break

Add formatting to Excel project

Update my “to do “list

E-mail out

Begin research project



Fill water Bottle

Blow nose

Continue research

Call from Owner – Can I format/edit document?

Smoke, talk with receptionist about her man hunt

Pee Break

Continue Research

Receive Doc from owner



Edit document

Finish and e-mail out

Took papers to shredder

Visited receptionist, she tells me that on our last break facilities IMed the guy she is talking to. She asked me to remind her to log out before we take breaks

Fill water bottle

Checked Band website

Pee Break

Visit receptionist and take her picture – she thinks its cause I’m trying to set her up with my roommate*

Check RSS feeds

Ask M a question

Update “to do” list for tomorrow

A.S. texts that he is in the parking lot

Gather things to take home from work

Log Off of computer


Say goodbye to receptionist

Get in car

Kiss hello

Decide on dinner / voting route
Photograph car in front of us*
Read A.S. my day documentation
Talk about voting and delegates
Exchange work gossip
Arrive at my voting location

See J .S. (friend) and son K, we talk about his Mohawk, my evil corporate job and exciting political times.

Vote *

Drive to A.S. voting location

Talk about Amy Winehouse

A.S. almost mistook money left for me by roommate as garbage

Call D.S. (friend and J.S. ex husband and make sure he is going to vote – he is on his way now.

Arrive at A.S. voting location

A.S. votes

Get in car and head toward Deli

He jokes about farting in voting booth

He gives me a Charlie horse

I squeal

We listen to Amy Winehouse “Frank”

We make fun of her by scatting “Ba da bada Boo de oo deoo”

I tell A.S. he is weird as he makes strange faces at me

We pass the park and I suggest a picnic there when the weather warms up. A.S. agrees

We go to deli *

I order a small turkey, ham and salami with mayo lettuce onion and cheese. I get a bag of Doritos and a sprite

A.S. pays for dinner

Drive home

Talk about how he wore me down into dating him with his constant persistence

He tells me that I farted in my sleep this morning

Arrive home


Change into P.J’s

Plug in phone

Wash Hands

Open food *

Eat while watching CBS news

Watch Travel show

Talk to roommate about his birthday yesterday

See lights and hear sirens

Run into roommate’s room to look out window

See that my cat has puked up a rubber band in my roommates room

Go to porch

See that a lady has been hit by a pickup truck right in front of my house

Neighbor comes over and we talk about how people always blow the stop sign and how an acquaintance of ours ran over a kid once.

Lady is put on stretcher and taken away

I realize that in all of the drama I forgot my camera

I run upstairs and get my camera; I take 3 very bad pictures *

I feel kind of guilty for taking the pictures

Go upstairs and finish dinner

Wrap up leftovers

A.S. and I clean our room

I work on my finances as I watch jeopardy

Turn on my computer

Light a cigarette

Put on hoodie

Watch final jeopardy

Try to pick up signal on my computer – no luck –I feel frustrated


Watch 30 seconds of American Idol and change it because it annoys me to no end

Brother calls – we talk voting

Set alarm

Read Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” while I listen to A.S. play the guitar

Smoke my last cigarette of the day

Fall asleep.

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Morning Smoke
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Plaid Pumps
Welcome to my pod
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