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Food and Medicine From Waste and Ruin by spotlight skullshines

July 25th, 2006 9:19 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: While issues concerning survival in the Humanitarian Crisis may be quite complex for the average Yayarian, food and medicine remain the most pressing and urgent issues for the average Planet Earthian.

There are two ways to complete this task.

1) find actual physical waste and ruin and from it create or dig up implements to combat disease and starvation.


2) Decide upon some element of your life that causes waste and ruin and requires constant economic input. Maybe, for example, you are a heavy cigarette smoker.

Assess how much money you normally feed into your waste and ruin in an average month, and put all that money into a jar at the beginning of the month.

Make a commitment to use as little of it as possible and to use any left over cash (BUT NO MORE!) from your pile to combat hunger and illness either globaly or locally, through organizations or strangers or friends.

I created this task with an existing plan in mind.
I spend on average 7.50 on alchohol, twice weekly. Usually i party on friday and saturday nights.
The plan was to stop drinking for a month and as incentive to remain sober, to send every cent not spent on alchohol to Gaza.
(but no more (meaning no drunken weekend, with guilty recompensations))
I like this rule because it hold you accountable. It also makes it possible for everyone to do the task, as while we dont all have an extra bundle of dough to share, we do all waste money in our day to day. on unhealthy stuff.

As hard as it was, as I am quite attached to my bottle, it was also a lot easier than I'd expected. The last time I'd really felt i had to stop drinking was during sports season in high school. My perception that its really impossible to not drink when everyone else is, was formulated then and had yet to be refuted here in my home town. I guess whaqt im saying is, im a total drunk. Its really not hard, and its amazing how much shit you get done on weekend mornings. The mornings on weekends come like a revelation.

No slip ups, I had a month of sobriety which I've calculated to 60 dollars.
It is going to meca , a local organization. After much disillusionment doing releif work in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, I am more inclined to support smaller locally based organizations. Furthermore,, when i showed up to one of the rallies Meca had thrown I saw a few friends, one within the organization three simply there for support. This only strengthened my interest.

As for the future : one week has past in which I drank twice. Yet, I'm deciding to renew my vows.
I beleive that this will create a system of checks. If I feel guilty about drinking, then I really shouldn't have been. If i feel okay, and that partying or drinking has rejuvinated me, thenthat night of alchohol maybe was partly necessary for my current state of imbalanced (alchohol supported) emotional balance.

In one month I will report back to let you know if i am yet again renewing my vows.

(ID LIKE TO ADD THAT, I HAVE A SECOND SOLUTION FOR THIS TASK, WHICH IS WELL, wy mother has been taking medicines for breast cancer which she underwent kimo for some years ago now. finally, the doctors have told her she can stop taking them. she has a ziplock bag of them left over. While she says they arent unreasonably priced, the cost does add up. If anyone knows someone in need of Tomoxifin we got a bag for em (i think we'll also resort to craigslist (but not sure on the legalities of this)))


I'm not totally sure, but I beleive it has been a month.
My inaccuracies as to time may be related to my total drunkeness.
I am, of course, recommiting to the task. I believe that the most important part, as far as overcomming and winning, has not yet been acheived. See you guys in a month. (new month starts august 6th 2006)


I mananged to shave a few days off and go sober. 3 to be precise. But then, i went to burningman and basically drank and smoked that all away. three extra days on top of the regular weekend. burningman was a fantastic experience, this year was a leap of faith followed by a strengthened trust in my ability to build with anyone around me. although the issues i take with the place seem to have changed little since my last visit.
roast me for it if you like, but theres a sad irony with the fact that I was unable to contribute to the fight for human rights in the middle east because i was at a party run by pyros who waste fossil fuels at gluttonous rates.
but dont get me wrong
the dance dance immolation was fucking fun.
and it was good to see a kamp katrina.
and i managed to just never stumble accross critical tits, which was great. it really comes off much more as a tittie show and less as an expression of self pride in the female form. (i mean, why do topless women need to ride on bikes down a bumpy road cluttered with screaming drunks to symbolize their beauty anyways (a female burners persepctive would be great here))
im tangenting. as far as drinking is concerned, the moon is waxing (creative time for yours truly) and ive got this feeling like this next month will be different.
i can feel it.
fell behind on updating this. 3 of my weekends with successfull sobriety!
thats 2.50. proof for donation comming soon. i write on thatnksgiving, and, there will be no donations this month. im already over my 8 days of no alchohol. that month will end on dec 6th... then well see how well i start from a clean slate.

- smaller







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posted by lucid city on July 27th, 2006 10:54 AM

i wish i was in humanitarian crisis sometimes. you all have the coolest tasks.

props on this. did i tell you about that palestine youth institute thing i'm helping organize? i think you'd be really interested.

(no subject)
posted by Joshua Kelly on August 11th, 2006 2:31 PM

from one drinker to another:

my hat is off to you sir.

Now my hat is back on my head at a rakeish angle, with little bubbles hovering over it, as I totter down the street.

posted by spotlight skullshines on August 11th, 2006 2:58 PM

another month has begun, i think the determination will be a bit more fueled.

but i may visit burningman
where little wooden boys smoke cigars and turn into donkeys
guess ill have to find some kind of politcal/health/fun equilibrium
a lot of stuff to contend but
im glad you agree that rakeish angles are critical to this equasion.

(no subject)
posted by Ink Tea on August 11th, 2006 9:39 PM

If you come to burning man, you must find us and say "hi".

(no subject)
posted by Ink Tea on January 3rd, 2007 4:37 PM

Mister Skullshines!

Did you complete your task successfully?

Sri Lanka you say?
posted by Bex. on August 7th, 2007 2:37 AM

I did tsunami relief work in Sri Lanka too! I agree with you on the local organizations thing, I switched from the broad and disorganized Habitat for Humanity to the tiny and specific Project Galle. Where were you and with what organizations?
What would i give (waste) for some Sri Lankan arrack, toddy, or Lion lager!