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Kate Saturday
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posted by Kate Saturday on October 18th, 2010 9:24 PM

so, when i first saw this, i thought "oh, sure. it's all very well for you to say "go for it," you young people who have not yet realized that all striving is futile, and still think you can have what you love." once that was out of my system, i decided to go for APE 2010. I make comix and things (,) and this will be my first time selling at a major con.

hour 1-4: 10/16, 8pm-midnight. i don't really want to go to the mixer. maybe i should just stay home and work. NO! GO FOR IT!! I don't really know anyone... no one seems to want to talk to me... NO! GO FOR IT!! Hello Phillipa and Rembrant! it is a pleasure to meet you Ali! Hello Tim! Hi, Bridgitte and Judy and Nelson, I've read your strip! A pleasure, Claire and Crow! Sorry we couldn't talk longer, Meredith! So good to meet you Becky and Barry! Yes i would like to know what a minyan is, and i would be happy to give you a ride home.

hour 5-7 bind more books! make more copies of stuff! gather everything you can think of to sell! go for it!

hour 11-14 take BART! you love the environment so drive less! yes it is time consuming and confusing but go for it!

hour 14-22: oh, no one wants to buy my stuff... i'm not as professional or flashy as some of these people... NO! GO FOR IT!! hey, passers-by! look at my dinosaur hat! look at the fancy sign i painted! come over here and pick up my books, you know you want to!

hour 23: maybe i should not go see Renée French speak. no, that is a silly idea. they are asking for questions, but i'm sure my question is not so interesting... i should not draw attention to myself... NO! GO FOR IT!! Thank you Renée French, i'm glad to know that about your work! and yes, guy behind me, it is funny that you were going to ask the same question!

hour 24-32: i still need to bind more books for tomorrow... should i go to the after party? i'm not so good at parties...NO! GO FOR IT!! yes it is loud here and super crowded and i have all my bulky boxes with me and i feel dumb about that! but James from Isotope is the nicest guy ever and i'm glad to have met him! i did not meet anyone at this party. i probably could have gone for it more. mostly i talked to Becky who i met last night, because she is great. carry all your boxes to the bart station now, i don't care how hard it is. this is your job. oh the cat is stuck on the roof. ok i will save you but then i am going immediately to sleep.

hour 39-42: oh my gorp the weight of my tiredness presses down on my back and shoulders. i am pushing through a molasses flood of fatigue. I DO NOT CARE YOU MUST GO FOR IT. COME AND LOOK AT MY COMIX PEOPLE DO IT NOW.

hour 43-44.5: should i go see Renée French and Lynda Barry talk about visual storytelling? the point is debatable, but ok. there are too many panelists and not enough time to really get into visual storytelling. should i take valuable question time by trying to push for a meaningful discussion? STAND UP AND GO FOR IT. that was not the discussion i was hoping for, but ok. Renée French is selling her book at table 226... should i buy it? i am poor! surely she does not want to take time to sign a book for stupid me. she would probably rather draw a picture in her sketchbook. WHAT DID I TELL YOU YOU MUST GO FOR IT! the cute girl who was also at both her panels made her a little dog! GO FOR IT!! I drew for her a sticker of the tiniest dog i could, and gave her a copy of my newest minicomic (told without words, as she talked about) and bought her book. she signed it with my name without my telling her what my name was.

hour 44.5-45: accost as many passers-by as possible in the last few moments. thank you so many people for buying my stuff! i do my best for you.

-hour 48: drive a friend home, eat dinner with Corpus Callosum and Becky from hour 3.
Conclusion: I did my best! i'm glad i did what i did!

posted by Kate Saturday on September 6th, 2010 3:06 PM

it would be great to better understand what makes good proof! i know what i like in other people's proof, and i try to use that to make my own better. but i'm in my first month of play. what do seasoned players like? what is interesting, what has been done?

it might be worth differentiating here between proof and praxis. as i understand it, proof is what you show the world, and praxis is your interior process. For instance in my praxis, it's important for me to go out in public and involve other people, because that is hard for me and helps me to grow as a person. in my proof, it's important to make jokes and phrase things in exciting ways, because that makes it more interesting to the reader. Praxis is personal, and it's hard to give someone advice about personal things. Proof is performance, and it's good to help each other perform better!

what would a good venue be for a discussion like this?

posted by Kate Saturday on December 18th, 2010 11:04 PM


let's see how many paperclips i can pick up!

posted by Kate Saturday on November 10th, 2010 2:27 PM

the more you talk, the happier i get.

posted by Kate Saturday on November 27th, 2011 10:43 PM

i like it (in part) because i figured out the punchline before the end of the story, but the dude never lost his sense of presence. Nice conflation of realities.

posted by Kate Saturday on July 13th, 2011 10:05 PM

nice. i kind of want it to be giant and covered with melty gummi bears so small children will get caught in it, but then it would hardly be useless.

posted by Kate Saturday on November 28th, 2011 11:52 AM

oh dang friend those things keep forever. also if you need help using them up me and my friend this straw here might be able to help.

posted by Kate Saturday on August 11th, 2010 9:16 PM

dear hemoglobin,

thanks for helping me get points. i owe you guys! have fun helping people live.

your (ex) body,
p.s. say hi to the platelets for me

posted by Kate Saturday on November 28th, 2010 10:18 PM

i really wanted that just to be the way she talks to people.

posted by Kate Saturday on October 19th, 2010 10:07 PM

but the execution is endearing. That plant will be there after all the other plants have had babies or died! they will change, but it will stay the same. do you think it will try to have relationships with other plants, only to watch them change and die? will that make the plastic plant unable to connect with its fellows, or make them more precious to it for being brief?

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