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Tasks / Add A Colorful Light Bulb To An Empty Public Socket

Add a colorful bulb to a public socket (emptied by someone else) take a photo and see how long it lasts. White, though literally color-full, would be awfully boring.

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posted by Sean Mahan on June 10th, 2009 4:01 PM

Taking out the backstory. For posterity, kenao wrote:

I did this before i signed up for sfØ.

At 19th st BART station, in the bottom, there are a number of bulb-less lighting sockets.

It feels pre-Giuliani NYMTA ghetto and dementedly Soviet Brezhnev borish.

So I added a red CFL bulb into the empty socket above a payphone. No one saw me. The bulb stayed there for no more than 36 hours. It was very cool while it lasted. I may do it again.

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posted by Tøm on June 16th, 2009 3:10 PM

Awesome idea.

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posted by Poisøn Lake on June 27th, 2009 7:19 PM

quick, simple, tasklicious.


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Rin: There is an upstairs corner in the food court where a gang of stoners hangs out all. day. long. Since it's getting to the dark winter time of year in Alaska when the sun never rises Ghost and I realized that the forsaken corner with MANY open so...

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We added a pink lightbulb to an empty socket at Safeway. We haven't yet checked to see if they've taken it down, about 24 hours later.

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Well, it was a boring day during lunch at school, so we decided to go marauding and find places to do away with the colorful light bulbs that we'd amassed during our travels around for other tasks. In all honestly, the lighting at our school is dow...

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And now... my Magnum Opus. The best part is that the light is initially off, meaning that someone will monitor it being turned on and freak out. This is the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority House, btw. I plan to check back nightly.

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