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PDØ Clementine
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Work is So Strange by PDØ Clementine

January 20th, 2011 9:00 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Describe in some detail the strangest thing that happened to you at work in the past week. If you don't work, describe the strangest thing that happened to you during a leisure activity.

So I am only sixteen, I don't really work yet, except for babysitting, so my strangest thing is actually out of my school week.
For the past two weeks or so, my History of the Americas class has been prepping skits based on the Civil War. Each had a specific subject to focus on, and my group was Union soldiers. Our primary source for info that we should include seemed to be completely filled with gross medical stuff that the doctors used to do.
Because of this, my group chose to do our skit on amputations in the Union army and the other disturbing medical practices. Our plan was to get some fake limbs and a sheet and a really big light, with the hopes of ending up with a silhouette effect.
On the day of, however, this Tuesday morning, we ended up with something a little more extreme. We did indeed have a bit of a silhouette effect, but it was the least crazy part. Basically, we had a bottle-full of fake blood, several very realistic fake limbs, and a sheet to spatter the blood on. My friend Sam acted out that he was cutting my limbs off, as I screamed and squirted blood all over the sheet. And then I was "dead" and he went out in front of the sheet and started swearing at Ethan, who was acting out the part of my brother. So yes, I had a bloody, sticky, violent Civil War experience, which still seems a little unrealistic in my mind, like a hallucinogenic kind of memory.

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The leg that was thrown into the crowd during my amputation

The leg that was thrown into the crowd during my amputation

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