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Amby D
Level 6: 1679 points
Alltime Score: 2360 points
Last Logged In: March 24th, 2013
TEAM: CGØ TEAM: 0UT TEAM: Team FOEcakes BART Psychogeographical Association Rank 1: Commuter EquivalenZ Rank 2: Human Googlebot The University of Aesthematics Rank 6: Aesthematician Humanitarian Crisis Rank 1: Peacekeeper Biome Rank 1: Hiker

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I put on my hunting gear. I have fond recollections of hunting in the past: Journey '08 and Architect '09. I stand tall on the hill, with my bicycle and red armband, as the large crowd turns to look in horror at the three of us "official" chasers...

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June 27: At the end of the Chicago Pride parade, one Mr. 0., one Meredithian, and one Gremlin sat in a Caribou coffee and chatted about the SF0 days of their past. During this meeting, a random idea for silliness was formed. July 1: Sitting on the e...

15 + 49 points :: 4 comments :: 10 votes :: 16 collaborators

QUIDDITCH: TEAM RAVENCLAW VS TEAM HUFFLEPUFF With rules plucked from the books and many nerdy discussions about the proper "canon" and such, we took to the fields with a game of Quidditch!! We adjusted the rules several times during breaks, in orde...

45 + 111 points :: 6 comments :: 23 votes :: 14 collaborators
(Un)necessary Forgery by Amby D July 26th, 2010 11:02 AM

My family played a lot of Hearts (the card game) in the evenings when I was growing up. The Queen of Spades is the most vicious of all cards. I honor her here.

45 + 109 points :: 5 comments :: 24 votes

Prelude: It's hot. It's really freakin' hot and humid and gross. I want a snow cone, a giant one. I want to bury myself in sweet, delicious, chilly goodness. - JEFFTOWN™ "I feel like this praxis pretty much tells its own story via the picture...

75 + 131 points :: 5 comments :: 27 votes :: 5 collaborators

A stop-motion tribute to the delightfully nerdy side of pop culture. Written, directed, filmed, edited and produced by Amby D and Jefftown™. Casting by the toy chests of the MoTown Voo. Special thanks to Dela Dejavoo for her unerring emotional s...

15 + 65 points :: 4 comments :: 13 votes :: 2 collaborators
Painted Garbage by Amby D, Dela Dejavoo July 23rd, 2010 11:03 AM

Dela Dejavoo and Amby started this task in the fall of 2008. It was one of their first dates and very magical in the way that first dates can be. Their first task, of course, was to acquire paint, so they headed out to a hardware store and picked out...

45 + 103 points :: 0 comments :: 22 votes :: 2 collaborators

(Please note, this praxis is in two parts. We did this because we had five players sacrifice many hours of prep and then several hours of standing in the brutal Chicago heat, in order to complete the task. Therefore, we wanted everyone to get credi...

40 + 83 points :: 3 comments :: 17 votes :: 3 collaborators
The Taking Tree by Amby D July 17th, 2010 10:28 AM

Luckily, Chicago has tons of trees everywhere, which contributes towards its gorgeousness, in my humble opinion. I wanted to leave objects that might be used someday. So after much deliberation, I decided to leave ten mixed CDs of music for the tre...

15 + 70 points :: 4 comments :: 15 votes
The Callouses on Your Hands by Amby D July 16th, 2010 12:01 PM

It was October 1989 and I was in high school. (Here is a random shot from the seniors in my yearbook from that year.) The top song was “Miss You Much” by Janet Jackson and the original Batman movie had rocked the summer movie scene. Civil unr...

15 + 55 points :: 0 comments :: 11 votes
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