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chelsesaurus rex
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Last Logged In: September 26th, 2008
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Player Photograph by chelsesaurus rex

September 24th, 2008 9:03 AM / Location: 42.211631,-122.7170

INSTRUCTIONS: The first task reads: "Take a picture of yourself. " This is the only time a sous rature gesture will be made, so let us remind you: you may be your character, but your character need not be you.

i thought it'd be appropriate for this task to take a picture of myself taking said picture of said self. so to the bathroom with a camera i go!


i spend so little time looking at my own face that it was weird to watch my expression settle for the camera - do i do that when talking to people? i was aware of my face all day yesterday after taking these pictures. a neighbor came over to give me some fruit - that was a weird experience in and of itself - and i found myself smiling at him more than i normally would, and i could tell it threw him off that i was giving him my best sarah palin/beauty queen smile.

- smaller


aha! turn the flash OFF!! third time's a charm!


first attempt: the flash goes off right in my face. what concerns me, though, is that i need to clean my bathroom mirror. upon reflection, it appears rather dirty. (oooooh, a pun. how naughty of me.)



screeny mcscreenerson

screeny mcscreenerson

moments before i get up to take these pictures, i practice by showing off my computer screen's love for sf0...

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