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Great President Dad
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Forced-éjà vu by Great President Dad

June 11th, 2011 3:55 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Make a pedestrian or prosaic gesture which produces a physical artifact. Spill some milk. Crumple a newspaper. Open a book to a random page.

Produce an artifact identical to the first one, but deliberately. Pour (or eyedropper) milk to get a puddle of the exact shape and size as the first one. Crease a second newspaper with the exact creases of the first. Close the book and keep opening it and closing it until you find that same page.

Document, please!

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I chose to try and recreate an uncontrolled event. Unfortunately, I've never had a great deal of skill when it comes to visual arts, so trying to crinkle something the same way (while very cool) would have ended in frustration. So, I decided to try and recreate as precisely as possible the trajectory of a paper airplane. First I threw the plane with only a vague idea of where I wanted it to go. I only threw it once. Then, watching the video, I determined to the best of my ability where it landed. Then I attached bits of drinking straw to the plane, and ran a string from the starting point of my throw to the landing point, where it hit the wall. So a semi-random event semi-recreated.

This was fun. Thanks for creating this task!

- smaller

Close-up of eyelet on the rear of the plane

Close-up of eyelet on the rear of the plane

Just behind it is a freeze frame of the plane while sliding down the string.

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posted by Kate Saturday on July 10th, 2011 10:16 PM

points for coercion.