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Mess it up by Lincøln February 21st, 2015 1:40 PM

I got into a Pie Fight with French Stewart. [youtube:]

25 + 34 points :: 3 comments :: 7 votes
Dispatcher Dérive by Myrna Minx February 7th, 2014 3:29 PM

A Situation, or: How I Get To Explore NYC From My Bedroom For this praxis, I acted as the Dispatcher. My friend Max was to visit family in New York City, and he agreed to be my Telepresence Avatar. I prepared instructions for him, which he found ...

20 + 50 points :: 8 comments :: 10 votes

Bex. A bunch of players from disparate locals wanting to task together. Simple video chat is awesome but has been done before. How to strive for the spirit of shplank in this tired old era? I got it! Let’s have a postmodern meal! Ingredients spread...

45 + 40 points :: 4 comments :: 8 votes :: 7 collaborators

September 24, 2012 It's been a long saga, for a small amount of currency. What did we learn? (1) Redundancy is good. (Redundancy is good.) If you're ever trying to do this, it's more successful to send many pennies to many people, rather than circu...

1 + 55 points :: 5 comments :: 11 votes :: 19 collaborators
Under The Spotlights by Lincøln July 26th, 2012 12:04 AM

I wrote a few episodic plays that were ten minutes each about the entities that create dreams. The plays were performed at the Sacred Fools theater in a show called Serial Killers. I have included the scripts for the plays as well as some pictures (...

30 + 29 points :: 3 comments :: 7 votes

This will be a text-light write-up. If you want a text-heavy write-up of how a Journey is created, go check out last year's praxis. Between last year and this year I have moved. I have moved into a luxurious house with more garden than I know what t...

50 + 30 points :: 5 comments :: 6 votes
Bus Stop Catalog by Jellybean of Thark April 23rd, 2012 10:45 PM

Subject: El Ultimo Beso MTA Shuttle Line 603 Location: 1919 W 7th St in Los Angeles, CA 90057 (approximately) Latitude: 34.05648164409339 Longitude: -118.27517420053482 (specifically) The mural you see is titled El Ultimo Beso, and wa...

45 + 35 points :: 2 comments :: 8 votes

The first meal: Lincoln, relet & Sam Archer Following a discussion of the how and when, three sfzerians actually managed to meet up in cyberspace to share pancakes. It was a BYOP party, since the technology to share the actual pancakes is yet to...

45 + 60 points :: 0 comments :: 12 votes :: 4 collaborators
Just add water by Lincøln February 26th, 2012 10:36 AM

I had some fun with concrete. I built this BBQ island in my brother's back yard. I designed, and built the whole thing.

15 + 89 points :: 8 comments :: 18 votes

After watching a runner nearly get creamed by a cab in Mexico City, anna one saw a nifty project happening in New Orleans that gave her an idea for a checkpoint which would remind players that if you die in the chase, you die in real life. Players...

50 + 58 points :: 6 comments :: 12 votes :: 2 collaborators
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