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rongo rongo
Level 8: 4714 points
Alltime Score: 10671 points
Last Logged In: April 14th, 2016
BADGE: INTERREGNUM TEAM: The Disorganised Guerilla War On Boredom and Normality TEAM: B0S TEAM: Wildly Inept Tasking TEAM: LØVE TEAM: Verbosely Loquacious Overelaberators TEAM: Whimsy TEAM: Bike TEAM: Players TEAM: SSF0R (Sphores) BART Psychogeographical Association Rank 6: Lettrist EquivalenZ Rank 7: Root The University of Aesthematics Rank 6: Aesthematician Humanitarian Crisis Rank 7: Supreme Justice Biome Rank 5: Gardener Chrononautic Exxon Rank 6: Flux Capacitor Society For Nihilistic Intent And Disruptive Efforts Rank 3: The Meddlesome

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Bex. A bunch of players from disparate locals wanting to task together. Simple video chat is awesome but has been done before. How to strive for the spirit of shplank in this tired old era? I got it! Let’s have a postmodern meal! Ingredients spread...

45 + 40 points :: 4 comments :: 8 votes :: 7 collaborators

September 24, 2012 It's been a long saga, for a small amount of currency. What did we learn? (1) Redundancy is good. (Redundancy is good.) If you're ever trying to do this, it's more successful to send many pennies to many people, rather than circu...

1 + 55 points :: 5 comments :: 11 votes :: 19 collaborators

Quick summary: No drugs. Various naked people. Background: What does it mean to you when someone looks at you? Do you feel flattered? Embarrassed? Objectified? Threatened? I thought it was interesting that so many paintings or drawings in museums ha...

25 + 38 points :: 1 comment :: 8 votes
nmop 3poisdn by rongo rongo February 6th, 2012 6:51 AM

I was surprised that it's both entirely possible and really difficult to read upside down text. Some of the what I read most often are the Harry Potter books; here's a video of the first part of the first book when read upside down. For added atmosph...

15 + 9 points :: 2 comments :: 2 votes
Black Coffee and Cherry Pie by rongo rongo January 24th, 2012 8:56 AM

It's been about a month since I completed the gift giving part of this task, and I can now look back from the future and say how doing this task has changed my life. Practically speaking, my feet are a lot warmer at night. I can really get behind Dum...

15 + 44 points :: 2 comments :: 9 votes
The Treasure Hunters by rongo rongo December 12th, 2011 9:26 AM

This is my long-winded story about finding a long-lost item, with a brief detour about destructive rodents. There's a used clothing store around here that I'd been to once before, twenty two years ago. Back then, I went with some friends to buy some...

15 + 34 points :: 2 comments :: 8 votes
Make it Soft by rongo rongo November 23rd, 2011 2:15 PM

Nothing dramatic, but softness is re-achieved.

15 + 21 points :: 0 comments :: 6 votes
Stayin' Alive by rongo rongo November 20th, 2011 1:16 PM

I'm already pretty good at plaiting and basket-making. So as my target new post-apocalypse skill, I picked wild food harvest and preparation. November, the Thanksgiving season, is not actually ideal for wild harvest in New England. I went for acorns,...

75 + 51 points :: 5 comments :: 12 votes
Hat That Makes Babe Happy by rongo rongo November 7th, 2011 1:41 PM

Hello SF0, I'm back! With marshmallows. I missed you; how have you been? (See picture captions for the story.)

20 + 81 points :: 6 comments :: 17 votes

The past doesn't change, despite our dreams of time travel and time turners. But the way we remember and are influenced by the past does change. Way back in the Dark Ages (no cell phones! no Google!), I dropped out of high school after feeling dislo...

15 + 45 points :: 6 comments :: 12 votes
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