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Quille Haze
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Kiss a girl by Quille Haze

February 12th, 2012 12:12 PM / Location: 33.731402,-116.7179

INSTRUCTIONS: And like it.

I am fairly oblivious. Yup, that's me. Kissing seems, in my head, a funny human ritual-thing that might be enjoyable sometime in the future, I suppose, but I really don't have the time for it now, and besides, everyone just makes such a fuss about it and GAH KISSING WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOUR TONGUES?

Yeah, I'm not really...I just...gah.



This is the story of my first not-kiss.

I was playing a game called Suck and Blow.


((Oh gods I've always wanted to start a story like this.))


The way one plays Suck and Blow is that one takes a card--we used the Ace of Spades--and lifts it in the air using only your lips and the pressure of your lungs. You suck in, and the card sticks to your face.

The purpose, of course, is to pass the card all the way around a circle.

One passes a card by pushing up next to a friend, then just at the right moment, stop inhaling and blow the card across the gap just as your buddy sucks in as deeply as possible.

You have about a 50% chance of getting it across safely.

Or you end up kissing one another.


I ended up kissing my good friend Remy.


I'm not quite sure if one would call it a "kiss." It was more like a lip-mash. A brush, a bump, before we both jumped back, giggling, glancing at one another in the corners of our eyes as if there was an unspoken agreement that we would never speak of it again, except to tell the story again. And again. And again.


I'm still not sure how I feel about kissing.


I have had various discussions with people as to whether or not this really was my first kiss. Some people seem to think kissing ought to involve a certain period of time, or intention, or feeling behind it.

I don't really think I want it to be my first kiss. I want my first kiss to be romantic. And while this song is playing:


It makes a good story, though. My first not-kiss.


Sometimes I wonder how much I put myself through for the sake of making a good story.

Then again, I live for good stories. They give me purpose in life.

By why are all the good the stories so sad?

((This is merely commentary on the fact that I've been watching too much Dr. Horrible.))


The second part of this task is "And like it."

During the said not-kiss, I suppose I was having fun. I was more concentrating on the card, then there was that moment of shock and pure adrenaline when boom--suddenly, there was no card, and lips instead.

I don't think I've ever jumped back that fast.

We were laughing.

And it's made a very good story.

I have gotten so much amusement out of telling this story.

So I suppose I liked it.


Does one really *have* to like kissing anyways? I mean, what is it with our culture? So obsessing with kissing and sexualizing everything so young! Can't we just be, you know, friends? Can't we hug and puppy-pile and be playful with no strings attached?

I just want to figure out who I am first.


((I have contemplated the possibility of being asexual. I'm pretty sure that I'm only partially asexual. A demi. I don't know. It's rather hard to gather unbaised information on one's own sexuality.))


So I kissed a girl. There.


I don't know if I'm going to be kissing one again anytime soon.


And I'm okay with that.

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