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Lars K
Level 1: 10 points
Alltime Score: 505 points
Last Logged In: August 21st, 2010
BADGE: Journey To The End Of The Night BADGE: The Sweet Cheat Gone
10 points

Player Photograph by Lars K

September 21st, 2008 12:00 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: The first task reads: "Take a picture of yourself. " This is the only time a sous rature gesture will be made, so let us remind you: you may be your character, but your character need not be you.

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Lars K

Lars K

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One of my favorite bars...
posted by Jason 7au on March 20th, 2006 7:43 PM SF. Except when it's super-packed, and you have to get from one end of the other, and this guy who isn't that cute is grabbing like everyone's hands and he grabs your hand and tries to take you with him and you're like, "Uh, hey, guy, WTF?" and then later, when you're trying to leave, he has to block the aisle along the bar right as you're almost out to the coat check and he won't move and you're not on the same trip he is so you're not experiencing the same level of enjoyment that he seems to be. But, uh, that was just the one time.