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BADGE: Journey To The End Of The Night Organizer TEAM: MNZero TEAM: Team Shplank Humanitarian Crisis Rank 1: Peacekeeper

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star5 was a member of The University of Aesthematics
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last summer, we went to the graveyard at midnight in minneapolis. we found a hole in the fence. snuck in.. wandered around. used our cell phones as lights.. we found a few graves that were semi-important.. but not like for real famous... but we didn'...

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The Camera Conundrum by Celina, star5 March 31st, 2007 11:11 PM

we took strange pictures around the bay area.. here's approximately what we shot

25 + 20 points :: 0 comments :: 4 votes :: 2 collaborators

we did this in san francisco. star5 went blindfolded around the palace of fine arts. celina did it in the japanese tea garden. star5 - it was fun listening to sounds, feeling things.. hearing people.. one guy said if she told me to jump, not to.. t...

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I Have You In My Clutches by star5, Celina March 31st, 2007 11:40 AM

This was Celina's idea. She did all the research, finding the perfect blank action figure.. Shockinis. Star5 drew out our master plans. Then we got some enamel and transformed blank pieces of plastic into our super heroes RockCandy and Danger D Hotr...

45 + 105 points :: 3 comments :: 21 votes :: 2 collaborators

6 trays, 60 icecubes per tray, 3 batches + water + 6 colors of food coloring = 1080 small colored icecubes We made a trail of icecubes through a path through the park of too many benches. The trail led to a balloon flower in the middle. It was a war...

120 + 223 points :: 7 comments :: 45 votes :: 2 collaborators

It was a cold grey day. What this city needed was a bright colorful parade! Alas no, holiday today.. RANDOM PARADE TO THE RESCUE!! We gathered our colorful fun things and set off to brighten up Minneapolis. We gave out balloon flowers, eye patches,...

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We created a book of images from sf0 participants. SF0: Volume 1 is a collection of images from the game SF0, created by many of the players. This volume comprises tasks completed mostly during the first part of 2006. This task was started a long tim...

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We were so excited we decided to do 2 exquisite corpses. Each started by a different person. Corpse 1: Part 1: Burn Unit: Very long ago, we started talking about this corpse. I was thinking maybe we could do something that would fit into an aspect ...

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Brush With Reality by star5, Celina March 12th, 2007 1:11 PM

We weren't sure if we should both brush each other's teeth at the same time or separately.. so we tried both. It was also interesting because Celina uses an electric toothbrush while Star5 does not. Star5: It was definitely harder when we brushed th...

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Just before Burning Man, Star5, Inktea, Oliver X, and I devised a plan to bring the concept of sf0 to the playa... on paper. We hauled a silver file cabinet to the desert, we filled it with player, task, and proof sheets, we devised some basic rules...

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