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Ariadne's Thread: The San Francisco Bicycle Tour! Featuring: San Francisco Zerø as: Ariadne Lank, Blue, Bjorn Teuleuse, Myrna Minx and Non Players as: Theseus and ♡Minch Niddle♡ as: Hash Slinger *** Shortly after her relocation ...

50 + 132 points :: 19 comments :: 29 votes :: 5 collaborators

There are a small number of days of my life that I treasure as life-alteringly inspiring. Profoundly memorable. Full of love and friends and play and joy. Days like those come along maybe once a year if you're lucky and open-minded enough. You canno...

25 + 234 points :: 33 comments :: 50 votes :: 16 collaborators
Player Photograph by Blue September 21st, 2008 12:00 AM

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