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Bvt. Major Misanthropology
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Black Coffee and Cherry Pie by Bvt. Major Misanthropology

July 4th, 2012 6:26 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: In Twin Peaks, Agent Cooper says that "Every day, you should give yourself one present."

For one week, every day, give yourself a present.

These do not need to be big things. Maybe five minutes of extra sleep, a new pair of boots, a burrito.

Document how this changes your life.

I am away from home for a week for work. I am little sad, a little lonely, I miss my home, I miss my people. So the goal is to give myself something every day that will cheer me up, comfort me, and/or remind me of home.


My first night away, I can't sleep. There is too much empty space in the bed, I am too hot and too cold at the same time. Tonight's gift is a song. It was a gift when I first heard it too. My then-brand-new boyfriend gave it to me and said it reminded him of me. I wasn't sure what to think until I listened to it in my room that night and then I actually blushed (I am not a blusher) that he knew me so well already. It makes me think of him and that time and that feeling whenever I hear it. For that reason, it makes me smile. That and the video for it is very silly. You're the Storm by The Cardigans.


I worked all day. I have gotten almost nothing of my actual job done. It was not busy work, my employer needed it done and I had the capability (if none of the expertise). Still I am frustrated and feel as though I have wasted a day. My gift is an extra-long shower. The shower here is smaller than the distance between my elbows when I raise my arms, but the water is warm and there is no one to ask anything of me. I close my eyes and let the water carry the gunk of this day away. When I finally get out the water is cold, my fingers are pruny, and I feel clean.


I am backing up computer files. It is taking forever and I have to do this before I do anything else. I haven't been sleeping well and the afternoon light is slanting through the window in a particularly warm and lazy manner. Today's gift is a nap.


Work is still not going fast enough and I am still frustrated. I haven't seen anyone but my employer and his daughter in days. I am beginning to wonder if we are the only life in this town. Today's gift is a movie. I went to see Brave at the theater in the next town over (this one doesn't have a theater). It was cute, funny in some plans, painfully cliche in others. I ate junk food. Breathed the same air as other people. Laughed with a room full strangers. I was in the world.


At the end of this day, I am going home. I do my work. I put things in bags. Every time something starts to get to me I cuddle the thought close like my stuffed bat, I am going home. Tonight I will sleep at home, with all bodies in their proper places. I don't know that I am the one giving it, but it feels like a gift.


For each day that I have been gone I gave myself a gift. Some of them made home feel less far, some made me feel more human, some just made me feel better. I really think it did me good.

But today, I am home, it is the weekend, we are (mostly) young and free, we celebrate by going to a water park. I try not to think about what is in the water and my mouth tastes like sunscreen all day, somehow, these are not downsides. Nothing detracts from this, there is no gift better than being home. I don't think I would have realized that if I hadn't had a week of gifts to compare it to. I sound like I should be wearing ruby slippers and I don't even care. Today, every second is a gift.

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