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Dela Dejavoo
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Dérive by Dela Dejavoo, Gremlin

July 26th, 2010 5:26 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Among the various situationist methods is the dérive [literally: 'drifting'], a technique of transient passage through varied ambiances. In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there.

One can dérive alone, but all indications are that the most fruitful numerical arrangement consists of several small groups of two or three people who have reached the same awakening of consciousness, since the cross-checking of these different groups' impressions makes it possible to arrive at objective conclusions.

The full text...

Undertake a dérive, and report your objective conclusions to your fellow players.

Once upon a time, there were two girl-creatures named Dela and Gremlin. They were the best of friends and lived together in a magical city known as Chicago.


One day, the two friends decided that they should experience the glory of their city by spending the whole day roaming the streets without any previous notions or plans. They would let the wind and the pavement be their guide. They packed their almost identical cameras into their not-so-identical bags of wonder, and they were on their way!

All good adventures need a starting point, and the wise girls reasoned that "Victory's Banner", the best vegetarian brunch spot in the city, would be the perfect way to start theirs.

“That way, we won’t be hungry as we wander,” Dela sagely remarked. “So we won’t have to worry about being led by our bellies.”

“True!” Gremlin replied. “And it’s also not in our neighborhood, so we’ll be starting in less familiar territory”.

Over savory eggs and smoky wraps, they discussed the philosophies of their plan, and how best to execute it. They agreed that they would try their very best not to guide the effort, and to let chance have a stronger hand. They would pay attention to the areas they inhabited and think about how the neighborhoods made them feel. They would observe, and simultaneously be present in their surroundings.

Once they knew that they were on the same page, they came up with 3 guiding rules to aid their wanderings:

1. We are allowed to take public transit. We do not always have to walk.
2. If we're not feeling a strong pull in one direction, we are allowed to follow people that we get a strong pull from.
3. We are allowed to find places to sit and take notes on what we've been experiencing, whenever we feel it's necessary.

Tummies full, restrooms utilized, and water bottles filled, they stepped out the door and into the bright sunshine with grins on their faces.

“Oh my!” Gremlin sputtered, donning her sunglasses. “The sun is high in the sky!”

“Indeed,” replied Dela as she reached into her bag of tricks. “Perhaps we should sit on these benches to put on some sunblock and save ourselves from a nasty burn.”

And this was when they discovered a noteworthy portent...

And so, the journey began.

As they stood from the benches, Gremlin immediately spotted (and pointed out) a sign for a garage sale. This lead to the sudden creation of a fourth guiding rule:

4. If a sign seems to be guiding us, we are allowed to do as it says.

So they went down the residential street to the garage sale.

The garage sale was quaint, and largely unattended despite the music echoing into the street, calling potential customers to it's fuzzy shore. Dela spotted a DVD that she was fond of, but was hesitant about picking up
anything that she'd have to carry for the rest of the day, so it was left for a later patron to discover. Gremlin saw a number of shiney things, none of which could be recalled ten seconds after looking away. The girls left empty-handed.

Across the street from the garage sale, a glimmer of color could be seen, and bravely they went to investigate further.

It was a playground!

Naturally, they would have to play!

They couldn't remember how to play hopscotch, but they picked up rocks and threw them in a manor that seemed appropriate, and then hopped. In the end, they both won.

("MY! It's WINDY!" said Gremlin's hair.)

After viewing and discussing the critter art on the walls, the two friends felt themselves drawn to a more populated area. They left the park and soon found themselves in the heart of Roscoe Village.

They also found a place that silently offered them a chance to make some art. They accepted the offer.

(Their art says "Today is the napping day for the Village.")

Once their creative endeavors were sated, they strolled along the avenue and had meandering talks about what sort of neighborhood they were in, and how it made them feel.

"Family oriented," Gremlin said.
"Yah. Specifically, kid friendly," Dela replied.

As they passed a bakery, Gremlin pointed at a cake in the window and said "I think this proves our point".

"True," said Dela. "But I think that sign proves it even more." And pointed directly above the cake that Gremlin was in the process of documenting.

The duo continued down the street until they reached a four way intersection. (These are common in Chicago).

"Well, which way do you feel like we should go?" Gremlin mused.

"Maybe we should follow them!" Dela said, pointing to a family of four seated at a bus stop.

"Okay." Gremlin said, leaning up against a wall for a moment. "Oh, wait a minute! Are those balloons?!"

Unable to resist the call of colorful, bobbing things, tied to strings, Dela and Gremlin crossed the street to discover the source of merriment.

Two arrows very distinctly pointed east. The ladies took a cue and followed the instructions, secretly hoping to find more balloons.


"I guess we're supposed to go in?" Gremlin said, looking back over her shoulder.

She reached an open foyer, but no one was around. Tentatively, she perched on a chair and waited for her friend to join her.

"I've got some balloons!" Dela said from the door.

"And I've found the source of them!" Gremlin announced, pointing at a helium tank beneath a table.

"Oh good!" Dela said happily.

Neither of them felt compelled to go any further into the building, citing that the chairs seemed inviting, but the stairs - not so much. Instead they wandered back onto the sleepy street outside.

Choosing to ignore their original intent on following the family at the bus stop, the girls continued east, making further notations regarding the sense of "family orientation" in the houses they past. They past porches with toys, and well trimmed shrubs.

They noted the way the train tracks overhead made them feel like they were at an amusement park and this was a magnificent roller coaster - which excited them, even thought it wasn't true.

When the street heading west came to an end, they allowed their course to be dictated by a strategically placed "One Way" sign, and turned south. It was at this junction that they spotted the "Wild Flower" Garden which seemed void of any actual wild flowers.

"Maybe we'll find the wildflowers this way," Dela said.

And indeed, they did.

The two friends continued chatting about the way each house seemed to be in a contest with the other houses - trying to out display one another with frog figurines, and elaborate garden lanterns or festive door trim and antique iron fences.

They were incredibly pleased when they finally found a building that looked more comfortable to them. In fact, it seemed as though the intent behind the "design" of this anomaly was to offer an out-of-door area for relaxation with friends and possibly some alcoholic refreshment (evidence was discovered which proved this theory). Perhaps it even reminded them of a similar "storefront" setting they once shared. The travelers took a moment of respite.

(Please be sure to note the bloody handprints on the window behind Dela. Strangely, this image made them feel even happier about their locale).

Continuing their journey, now eastward again, Gremlin and Dela finally struck a thoroughfare. They were enticed by the prospects of more interesting things to ogle.

Dela was captivated by a shining sign.

"I want to go there" she said. "What do you think 'Dinkies' is?"
"Um, it's Dinkel's" Gremlin pointed out.
"Well, yeah, but can we call it 'Dinkies'?"

On their way towards the mysterious 'Dinkies', they were swiftly seduced by two completely different signs.

How could they resist?

They entered the toy store, and found themselves among a clustered array of racks. Vibrant colors, and soft plushies vied for their attention at every turn. Though they realized they were the only two customers in the store, it was still a little claustrophobic, and yet engaging. Gremlin selected a purple and green sippy cup that said "Trouble" and Dela chose a small book of Fairie stickers. They brought there treasures to the front of the shop, and engaged in odd and halting conversation with the two overly-helpful, teenage boys who worked there.

During the stilted banter, the youth behind the register (not the one sitting on the counter) said "Are you two going to the Rib Fest?".

"We don't know. What is that?"

"Well, it's a street festival happening further down Lincoln" he said, pointing in the direction they were already traveling.

"Oh! Well then we're probably going!" The girls chorused, excited about the prospect of further stimulation.

Stepping back out onto the street, they headed in the direction of this "Rib Fest" which was also, to Dela's excitement, in the direction of Dinkies. Unfortunately Dinkies was full of the sworn enemy, cakes.
"This one is weird!" Gremlin exclaimed. "It's a baby surrounded by sperms. Why would anyone want to eat that?"

Thankfully, the next shop down had much less threatening sheep.
Continuing onward toward the street fest, they were rather quickly distracted by an awning with a remarkably lovely sounding name.
Certainly this pleasure chest was something the girls had to explore, and explore they did.
It is here that they encountered one of the most marvelous sex toy contraptions they'd ever seen—it was some sort of rocking horse/projectile dildo hybrid. Truly mystifying.

Given that it was large and expensive Gremlin instead settled on purchasing some sexy mad libs. Then they once again hit the street in the direction of the fest.

Post Pleasure Chest, the road toward the street festival became decidedly less pleasurable.
It seemed they had entered a dark, gross, cement laden portion of the city.

"This area feels particularly unfriendly, especially towards pedestrians." Dela commented.

This sentiment had obviously been felt by others wandering through these parts, as was confirmed by the writing on the wall.
This aggressive environment pushed the girls into an accelerated speed, but soon they saw hope of a friendlier world in the form of plastic fruit and naked ladies.
Upon entering the store/gallery, wandering it's many areas filled with art and statues, they unfortunately discovered that the snooty people within were rather annoyed by the girl's sweaty and obviously un-wealthy presence. The store clerks huffed and puffed as they continued to set up for some type of opening, but when asked if they preferred to ready the place in peace, the staff said the friends could stay, unconvincingly.
Still, the plastic fruit and strange art were much nicer to look at than the concrete outside so they stayed for a bit and looked around before continuing on in their adventure.
Soon after the plastic fruit store they came upon a monument that told them where they were.
"How odd to give this one little spot significance over all these other spots without monuments, especially when this spot does not appear to be special in any way," Dela quipped.

And then right beyond the monument they saw a sign that let them know they were indeed headed towards this "Rib Fest".
Up ahead they saw commotion and tent structures and other things that seemed out of the ordinary and exciting. This must be the "Rib Fest" they realized, and they were definitely drawn to it.
The Rib Fest was very very crowded and quite stimulating. There was so much going on it was difficult at first for the ladies to know where they should go.
Gremlin was pretty quick to spot some things she was drawn to. "Oh look," she said, "a bucket full of finger puppets!"

And from there she noticed something else. There were many people standing in line in front of a booth that clearly stated "Buy Tickets Here." Well then, thought the girls, this is obviously what we are supposed to do.
"What do you think the tickets are for?" Gremlin asked.
"I'm sure we'll find out soon," Dela wisely noted.

Tickets purchased, the girls continued wandering and pretty quickly began to realize something rather disturbing about this Rib Fest. It appeared to be full of meat. Everywhere they turned, meat meat meat. Given that both Gremlin and Dela had been vegetarians for half their lives, they had a good laugh that they had managed to end up here.
Look! A meat hut!

They did eventually come upon a hummus stand that had a huge variety of flavors. You could choose a sampling of several and eat them out of a cup. Best of all, the hummus stand took Tickets as payment, which the girls had been carrying around with them for quite a while and were happy to part with for some yummy food!

While enjoying their hummus, something very dramatic happened. Out of the blue a mighty thunderstorm hit and rain poured down on the masses of people and their meat. It was very chaotic and wet and funny.
Given the wetness, the girls found themselves drawn to a nearby alcove. They were not the only ones drawn to this alcove and in fact it was stuffed full of people.

For a good twenty minutes, the girls found themselves packed into this tiny place with an assortment of people they'd probably never otherwise spend time with. They made small talk about sports, kids, weather, and a number of other topics that might not otherwise cross their lips. (Dela attempted to slyly record the conversations with her camera's video feature, but the sound of the rain made it impossible to decipher).

Having endured the storm unscathed, the ladies decided to move away from all the wet meat and head toward what appeared to be a more colorful part of the festival.
There they found things to be a bit more pleasant. Nearby they found some pony heads and ropes for lassoing, and so they tried their hand as cowgirls.
Having played around for a bit in the colorful playland they were driven back towards the main part of the festival by hunger and tickets in their pockets.
"Key Lime Pie! Oh my gods! So Exciting!" Gremlin exclaimed, and promptly got into line.
(Where's Waldo moment: Can you find the key lime pie on this menu? We're still not sure how Gremlin did).

The pie was acquired and devoured.

"I think I'm ready to not be around all of these people" Dela surmised once the pie was finished.

"Yeah" Gremlin agreed. " I feel as though we've experienced all that we can at Rib Fest. Perhaps we should now go back to that place that claimed they had the Best Margaritas in Town and find out if we agree with them!"

"An excellent plan" Dela replied."It'll be nice to sit for a while, and then we can take notes on all of the things we've done thus far."
The adventurous cohorts migrated a few blocks south, away from the noise and the smokey smell of ribs. They reached Jalapeno Sabrosa and stepped inside.
The restaurant was dark and inviting, accented by the cheery colors of the walls and decor. The long room featured rows of candle lit tables - all empty.

"Are they open?" the girls wondered in whispers.

A young man in black approached them from the back with a big smile, and gestured at the tables.

"We get our pick of the joint!" Gremlin beamed.

They selected a table in the middle—still close to the window but also close to where the waiter was located—and laid their belongings down on the chairs beside them. When the young man brought the menus, they quickly took to the task of choosing their drinks.

"What exactly is a Blue Island Margarita?" Dela asked of the waiter.

"Um..." he smiled shyly, and glanced back at the kitchen. "I'm not really sure. I think it might be blue, though."

"Oh - well, then I want that" Dela said.

Gremlin opted for the standard margarita, assuming this might be the one that granted Jalapeno Sabrosa the bragging rights. They nibbled on chips and salsa, even though they weren't very hungry.

When their drinks arrived, they quickly discerned that Dela's drink wasn't blue - although, it wasn't nearly as green as Gremlin's - and it WAS in a fancier cup. They enjoyed their moments of calm - watching people on the street pass by, making guesses about the text messages their waiter was making while leaning against the counter, and generally chatting about where they'd been and what they felt compelled to do next.

It was decided that the drinks were quite tasty, but it was debateable as to whether they were the best in the city.
They were, however, very strong.

"Maybe we should plan to get out of this area of the city" Gremlin suggested in between slurps.

"Yeah, we've been both directions on this street already - perhaps we should find someone to follow?" Dela said, gazing through the window. "Oh my! That guy! I want to follow that guy! Can we follow him?" She pointed at an elderly gentleman standing just outside.

"He looks sweet!" Gremlin affirmed. "It looks like he's waiting for the bus. If we can finish up in here and get out there before the bus comes, we should totally follow him".

They quickened their drinking speed, and took turns using the restroom (while they knew they had a chance). However, a bus pulled up before they had paid their bill, taking the old man with it.

"Well, now what?" Gremlin asked.

"Maybe we just get on the next bus, and get off where we think that guy would've gotten off?" Dela mused.

They settled their bill, and headed to the bus stop. Climbing aboard the number 11, they scoped the open seats, and headed all the way to the back so that they could have the best vantage point. The AC was on full blast, giving them a little chill. Outside their windows, they viewed all the places they'd already passed on their earlier expeditions.

"Oh Dela, look!" Gremlin whisper excitedly, pointing out a man entering the bus, carrying a painting.

"Oh! He looks fascinating! Let's follow him instead!" Dela said as she covertly attempted to take pictures of their new bellwether.

In almost no time at all, the man was getting off the bus again, and the girls rallied, exiting from the rear door so as not to be suspicious. However, once reaching the outside world, they saw the curious gentleman running towards a Westbound Belmont bus. The chase was on!

Arriving just behind him, they successfully mounted the bus and took seats towards the back again, whispering questions to one another about the painting he might be carrying and why. But they had very little time to muse, as the fellow got off the bus after only a few stops.

They rushed to exit as well but found themselves a bit at a loss for what to do when they reached the sidewalk. The dreadlocked chap they'd been following crossed the street and while they pondered their next move, it began to rain again.

"Here, let's duck up into this storefront to stay dry, and we can watch him from here" Gremlin suggested.

"Oh my! Would you just LOOK at this storefront! Where are we?" Dela asked, in awe, pulling out here camera.

The man was still across the street - but it appeared that the antique store he'd tried to go into wasn't open. Neither was the one the two friends were currently in front of.

And then it began to rain even harder. The man seemed to disappear from their view. The girls waited patiently, and continued to take photos of the array of goods in the windows that surrounded their stoop.

"How funny is it, Dela, that after all that running around, we've basically ended up in the same neighborhood as we started in this morning?"

Dela replied by simply pointing at a hound's mouth.

The rain began to pound, and even hit them sideways - so Gremlin unleashed her trusty purple umbrella and attempted to keep them dry.

And they waited some more.

A Belmont bus, heading east was coming their way and the companions pondered catching it - when suddenly, they spied their intriguing fellow darting out from a doorway, towards the bus stop.

"Let's run!" cried Dela. "So much for being subtle!"

They crossed Belmont in a flash, and met him just before the bus reached the stop. In a friendly gesture, Gremlin held her umbrella over his head to protect the artwork. He turned and smiled at her, but then his face took on a quizzical expression. The bus door opened and the three paid their fare.

The girls took their seats. They watched, a little embarrassed, as the man knowingly walked towards them and sat down.

With a smile that said 'The gig is up' he asked "What are you girls up to, today?"

"Oh, we're just wandering the city" they replied noncommittally. And then laughed.

From there, the story came out. The derive, why they'd chosen to follow him, what they had seen. He expressed that he'd spent similar days in his past, just wandering (the sign of a true kindred spirit - clearly why they'd chosen him in the first place). He was a mix of African American and Japanese, they learned, explaining his unusual skin tone and facial structure. (He was quite pretty, despite a few missing teeth). He was an artist, but also, he made money buying art at garage sales and reselling them to antique stores (thus, the mystery of his current painting was solved). They told him of the garage sale they'd been to, and they talked about where they were all heading next, the neighborhood they were going through, and their love of Chicago in general. When he got ready to leave the bus, they followed him off, but they all decided that they'd separate ways now. "It was very nice to meet you both" he said before sauntering off into the drizzle. "Have fun on your wander!"

(To this day, the friends lament never having gotten a picture with him. They'd been enjoying the conversation so much, they simply never thought to ask).

The girls found themselves in a neighborhood they REALLY hadn't planned on going to that day - in large part because they both knew it so well, and also found it to be a little tourist-ey now (compared to it's days of being the alternative kid hangout).

"Oh well" they mused. "This can happen when there's no real plan, so we're obviously doing this right!"

They were at the corner of Belmont and Clark and as they tried to choose a direction, the rain decided to assault them once again. A quick decision was made to head to the Dunkin' Donuts on the corner (also referred to as the "Punk" n Donuts, by old-school locals) to regroup, caffeinate, and stay dry for a bit.

Huddling around small cups of coffee, the girls recalled younger days at this very intersection.

"Remember when Thistle got that boot on his car because he parked in this lot?" Gremlin asked.

"How could I not remember? I had to bribe the cops to get it taken off." Dela replied.

They discussed the neighborhood changes they'd seen, the old cafes they used to love, the way it felt now and who they thought might still be drawn to come here.

Looking up at an add on the wall above them, Gremlin pointed and chuckled.

"I feel like that sign wants us to get tattoos."

"Maybe we should get tattoos, then!" Dela sagely advised.

As the rain slowed they discussed the prospects and ideas. There was no shortage of tattoo parlors in this neighborhood, and it would only take walking in any direction to eventually hit one. They chose West, and within two blocks they had hit Chicago Tattoo.

They stood at the door, discussing logistics. They compared how much money they had on hand and how much money they had in their accounts - as tattoos aren't usually cheap. Squaring away finances, they walked in and started looking around.

"What should we get?" Dela asked, gazing at the wall.

"Something to represent today, right?" Gremlin queried.

It was quickly decided that nothing on the wall was going to work for them. They envisioned a person walking, but without a sense of where he/she was going. They pulled out Gremlin's notebook and passed it back and forth a few times, doodling a variety of stick figures - but in the end, they chose Gremlin's first simple attempt—a person walking with a question mark above their head.

As they walked to the counter with their design, Gremlin looked at her friend and asked one last time "Are we really going to do this?"*

*It should be noted that while Gremlin already had two tattoos, these were not something she took lightly. Her first one took a year of pondering, and her second one took almost a decade to decide on. This current decision was happening in under 10 minutes.

With a tiny amount of trepidation, the dear companions brought forth their design to the nice man behind the counter. They answered his questions about size, discussed pricing, and signed appropriate waivers.

Gremlin was chosen to go first before she came up with a reason to back out.

"Where do you want it?" the fellow asked.

"Oh! I hadn't thought about that. Ha! Um... What do you think Dela? Here, maybe?" Gremlin pointed at a place above her knee - visible when wearing shorts or a skirt, but could be covered when necessary.

Dela nodded that this seemed fine, and the man quickly went to work. Gremlin chatted to ignore her nervousness - asking about the man's day and his experiences. Dela sipped coffee in the chair beside her and the two frequently giggled, conspiratorially.


Soon the rolls reversed and Dela took her seat in the chair like an old pro. She held out her arm, showed the fellow where to place the image, and then hummed to herself.


"Well" Gremlin said "I hope this gets us some points!"

The girls both laughed at this notion, knowing for all the world that these tattoos had nothing to do with points. They were a symbol that the friends had truly given themselves over to the spirit of the derive; letting go of preconceived notions. It would remind them of their shared desire to approach the world openly, often without plans, and letting the magic unfold before them. It would serve as a symbol of their friendship, the day they had shared, and the joy of knowing that someone else "gets it".

The process was over very quickly - thankfully due to a simple design. (Stick figures don't need filling in).

With fresh bandages, the girls wandered back towards some lights (it was getting dark out) and headed south on Clark, towards an area they didn't know as well. They saw a restaurant with this sign.
They pondered it - wondering if this indicated that the restaurant thought there margaritas were "The Best" and whether or not they should compare and contrast with their earlier experiences.

At this point, Gremlin's phone rang.
"Hello?" "OH! Oh my gosh - thank you!" "Yes, we'll be right there!"

Apparently, they'd left Gremlin's notebook at Chicago Tattoo! How nice of them to call!
They back tracked, headed back to the tattoo parlor, got the notebook, and returned to the restaurant exterior. Declining the margarita challenge, the continued south for a little bit.

They lamented that they might never leave the area.

"Perhaps we need to follow someone out of here?" Dela said with a slight yawn.

"That guy looks like he has a purpose!" Gremlin pointed out, motioning towards a gentleman all in black, walking quite quickly northward. He had headphones in his ears, and took long strides. The chase was on!

Changing their direction, yet again, they diligently followed the tall man, with spikey hair. They considered what he was listening to, and where he might be going. He wore a polo shirt, and didn't seem to even look around him as he walked—he knew where he was headed.

Keeping pace behind him, the girls discussed how they were feeling overall. Dela admitted to being rather tired (her bedtime was generally quite early, since she usually had to get up early for her work). Gremlin had a party that she was interested in going to that evening (but admitted that the derive came first, so she'd go as long as they could - even if she missed the party). So it was decided that Dela would tell them when the day was over.

As decisively as his pace, the man in front of them quickly opened a door and dashed inside. The girls stopped in front of the building he'd entered. It was called "Minibar".

They looked at each other, shrugged, and walked in.

As to be expected, it was a bar. A chic little place with low-lighting, swank tables, and exposed brick. They didn't see the man anymore, so they simply sat at the bar and looked at the drink menu. Despite it being a Saturday, there weren't many people in the place, and the bartender approached them quickly.

Keeping with the earlier theme, Dela ordered a margarita. Gremlin asked the bartender what his favorite thing to make had been, lately.

"A beer" he told her, laughing.

But with a little steering back towards the cocktail variety, he ended up making her a special concoction that he'd created and hadn't yet named. It was sweet, tart, and delicious.

A few moments later, they saw the man they'd followed come up to the bar. The black polo shirt that he was wearing said "Minibar". Clearly, he worked here and was on the waitstaff for the evening.

The girls spent an hour chatting at the bar, recounting their days events. They spoke with the affable bartender (named Dexter) some more, and he gave Gremlin some recommendations for a place to play badmitton. Dela told him all about roller derby. Gremlin reprimanded Dela for continuously taking a peak under her tattoo bandage. And it became clear that this was where they would be ending their journey.

Coffee and booze sent Gremlin to the restroom, which she photographed.

The girls left the bar, walked to the Belmont train, and hugged deeply. They confessed that they'd had such lovely adventures together, and wanted to make plans to do it again, soon. This time, perhaps for a full 24 hours. Or possibly in a city they don't know. Maybe a weekend trip to New York city - Or Milwaukee - Or anywhere, really. The possibilities were endless.

With grins on their faces they parted ways.

An hour later, at her home, Dela took a picture of her new tattoo.

Gremlin, on the other hand, went to the housewarming party of a newer friend. One who would eventually join SF0 herself. One who would also eventually fall in love with the very friend that Gremlin had just spent the day with (and vice versa. But those two hadn't yet met).

Instead, on this evening, the party would be overly-warmed (no AC in a 3rd floor apartment) and the partygoers (many of them SF0 members themselves!) would opt to leave and head to the beach, to throw themselves into the cooling waves. Gremlin wouldn't be able to follow (new tattoo and all) but would splash her feet and take photos.

Then there was Mexican food.


And eventually, there would be well-deserved trips to dreamland for all.

The End.

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posted by MsGoblinPants Extraordinaire on July 26th, 2010 5:51 PM

I love this so much! You guys really got into the spirit of the derive. PLUS, the writing feels like a children's book--that simple, excited style with dream-like logic. Lovely!

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beautiful and magnificent

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most adventurous!

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this was amazing! I love the foreshadowing of Amby and Dela's romance