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Last Logged In: March 19th, 2016
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Over spring break my friend went to England. I sent her off with a very important and mischievous task in mind. Languishing at home, sick with a rather depressing stomach flu, I kept myself entertained by sending my victim ambiguous and ominous messa...

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**Quick note - the first part of this praxis was done back in the heady days of April 2008, whereas the final part was only just done today. Therefore, any notes about times in the first bit should probably totally be ignored, as I'd assume you would...

45 + 46 points :: 5 comments :: 11 votes :: 4 collaborators

Minch visits Great Yarmouth and many a dream comes true! Vicki: After messages via Facebook of Minch's impending jaunt to England, I guess my tasking drive got rebooted for the first time, really this era. So I went to sleep... The Dream... It's...

75 + 96 points :: 45 comments :: 21 votes :: 7 collaborators

WE'RE BACK (I'm stealing this colour to comment - Tom) (I'm stealing this colour to correct - Adam) [youtube:] After a huge discussion, we decided we needed a comeback, so what better time to use than a ...

15 + 85 points :: 38 comments :: 20 votes :: 5 collaborators

The UKØ gathering had to result in some serious tasking. MKØ, GYØ, LondonØ and formerly-BKØ-but-soon-to-be-GAØ all gathered on a sunny couple of days in August, and decided to complete the Overkill task. At first, we opted for an epic water f...

25 + 94 points :: 10 comments :: 25 votes :: 9 collaborators

We've been fishing for talent over here, and it seems we've got a few people who think they have it! I'll let y'all decide whether or not they do for yourselves though! We'll be starting with Ben, singing My Hero by Foo Fighters! Next up, we have ...

15 + 66 points :: 66 comments :: 15 votes :: 11 collaborators

Charlie Fish's account: Milton Keynes is creepy. Everything is so neat and regular and big and spacious and just a little bit soulless. It's like a factory for turning people into machines. Frankly, it needed some full-on tasking to brighten it up. ...

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Player Photograph by GYØ Ben September 21st, 2008 12:00 AM

Singin' and dancin' in the rain since 1991.

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