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mean jeannine
Level 3: 170 points
Alltime Score: 1289 points
Last Logged In: May 8th, 2013
TEAM: MNZero TEAM: The Union of Non-Civilized Obedience and Invention

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Journey to the End of the Night Chicago by mean jeannine, Celina, star5, Oliver X

April 22nd, 2008 11:40 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: A pursuit across Chicagø in 6 parts, staged on the night of April 19th, 2008.

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses and dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger's signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.

If you participated in Journey Chicagø - as a player, chaser, or volunteer - please post your adventure here. We encourage you to be detailed and thorough. If you have photographs, please post them. If you don't, consider making a comic. Describe your chases, the people you met, what you thought of the route, the checkpoints, and the city in general. Feel free to make opulent references to Debord, de Certeau, Céline, Psychogeography, Social Plastik, subversive play, Reclaim the Streets, and the aesthetics of failure.

Dax Tran-Caffee

the short quote descriptions of the night:
"We used children as spotters" -oliver x
"I never felt unsafe in Chicago.. I mean from strangers." - starfive
"He's red! Run!" - celina

link to bigger map

here's the approximate route we ran. the blue: being a runner on foot, the red: being a chaser on foot, the black: on the train.
we were on foot for over 8 miles, on train for 1.25

the long story..

I traveled from minneapolis with Celina, and we met up with InkTea, MeanJeanine and eventually OliverX. Meeting people and hanging out in Chicago was lots of fun. Accordians, puppets, songs, dances, tasty vegan food, feeling famous, sharing shoes and mischief.

But this.. this is all about my journey.

We arrived at the park, just in time. We would have been there sooner, but some people had to cause some mischief (stealing the cg0 flag) earlier that we had to uh.. find.. but it all worked out okay. We signed up as team SPOON & CHERRY. We procured our ribbons.. and I put the checkpoints into my iphone maps. Inky made a friend who was going to run with us. Then they yelled go or something and we all ran.. Someone picked a direction and our team set off. But suddenly Inky was missing? the new girl told us that she had told her not to follow her, that she wasn't running. TRAITOR! we thought. But the clock was running.. so we had to as well. We ran through some back streets, trying to keep off the main roads. Down alleys. Used the iphone to search out secret ways across the freeway. no such luck. Ran into some kids in an alley. The asked about our ribbons. We told them we were playing a game and enlisted their help in scoping out the street ahead. Also got some instructions for a way across the freeway.. it wasn't the most secluded, but it managed to get us there without getting caught.

We saw other runners near us at times. We had decided against the trains at this point.. figuring that might be to obvious. We hit a couple little dead ends, but then made it into the first safe zone.. just in time to run into a chaser. But he couldn't touch us where we were.

CUPCAKES! and vegan too! After being fed with sugar, we moved on. We made it to Checkpoint two without too much trouble.. we did spot a couple suspicous figures in the distance. We tried to lose them. We also saw some hiding behind a distant garbage can. But again we were safe! Stopped for a drink of water and to consult the map. Moved on.. We ask people on the street if they've seen anyone go by wearing ribbons.. some have, some haven't. Nothing too useful.

Then came the decision. Do we go for the first bonus checkpoint? It's a more direct route to checkpoint 3, but there are no safe zones near it. We risk it. I'm glad we did. we managed to cross the bridge and realized it was the symbol for CG0. Oliver searched around for the bonus stamp. He found it! He didn't quite realize how it worked though.. he thought it was something to take with us.. so he was looking for something to cut it loose. Luckily I was there to point out it was a stamp and ink to stamp your map. Celina realized she'd taken photos of those stamp images at Dax's earlier.. so we knew what to look for in the other bonus checkpoints.

Unfortunately we wouldn't be making it to those checkpoints. We got to the point where we were across the block from the 3rd checkpoint.. but we were a little unclear about where we were.. so we were consulting a map. and suddenly Celina spots some chasers. We scatter. One runs after Oliver. I run the other way.. I know I can't out run them. I don't have the stamina. So I duck into a parking ramp. up the stairs and hide out. unfortunately I don't crouch down soon enough. I'm pretty sure one sees me from outside. I crouch down, out of breath. I decided that If he finds me, then i'm caught. He comes around the corner, looking around. He sees me on on the ground.. reaches out a finger and taps me. I surrender my blue ribbon.. and begin a new life as a chaser.

I meet up with Oliver, who has also been caught. we decide to keep moving. Suddenly we see the other girls we're with.. I yell to get them! but.. they've been caught already too. So now we're all chasers.

We decide to move on towards checkpoint 5.. but some runners are spotted so it takes us a little longer to get on our way. We chase some around, but they managed to get away from all but Oliver.

We leave Mean Jeanine with Torrie(sp?).. who seem to be a good team.. and take the train towards checkpoint 5. It's nice to sit. We explain the game to a stranger, he offers us his map of Chicago. We decline and he wishes us luck. We run into Dax and Beetle Bomb.. Then head over the longest bridge ever. We stake out the area around the diner which is checkpoint 5. We see InkTea's car! We think up things we could do to leave her a note on her car. Just as I'm heading to Wallgreens for some sort of supplies.. I spot some people coming down the street. I hide on the corner behind a sign and wait. They come around the sign and I tag one.. I chase the other into the street and tag her in the crosswalk. I look at my map wanting to make sure they are fair tags.. The map shows me that safe zone is no the the diner corner and all across the bridge. My sign has no safe zone.. but they want to fight it. I agree to go inside and ask.. Inky is the Checkpoint person. She calls that one is fair, the other isn't. So I get one ribbon. The girl I tagged on the sidewalk seems upset and really wants to win. She says she was in the street. I'm pretty certain she was on the sidewalk when i got her. I take her friend's ribbon instead.

We chase some more people around the whole foods parking lot. Celina gets a kill. We wait down the street a bit. Oliver calls me saying there's a group coming up the street on the next block. I hide in a bank alley. I jump out just as they get to me.. there is confusion. They try to throw their non-playing friend at me, but I manage to tag all the other 3.

We wait around a little while longer.. I use my camera as a spy device and get an image of someone around the corner, but never found them. Eventually we are too exhausted to go on.. we make our way to the end.. limping. At least it didn't rain!

We barely make it to the end.. which has been moved. Every step hurts. But we make it. Oliver gets a moxie medal for his story of using children as spotters. We limp back across the park and catch a cab to the after party. It's so worth it.

Alcohol helps numb the pain in my legs and feet. We stay for a while.. then make our way back to beds.

Much pain the next day.. a little less each day after. Three days later I can walk without much pain at all. I should have stretched before.. and not eaten so much.. but at least I had good shoes!

It was lots of fun, but so tiring. I met neat people. Saw more of Chicago than I have before.

+ larger

running down an alley
sean, the cupcake man
OliverX & Mean Jeanine eating cupcakes
Checkpoint one duo.
CG0 bridge by bonus checkpoint 1
Celina walking over the bridge
The stamp!
Up the bridge
Beetle Bomb, the chaser
Construction site
More construction
Spying around the corner..
Inky at Checkpoint 5
Trains and City
pretty city at night
starfive and the vixen

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(no subject)
posted by Evil Sugar on April 22nd, 2008 12:02 PM

Great pictures of the city.

(no subject)
posted by star5 on April 22nd, 2008 12:07 PM

thanks! i was only able to do that during downtimes

posted by Bex. on April 22nd, 2008 12:18 PM

Hoorah! Its glorious to see y'all taskin' again!
Hope there's more ahead!

(no subject)
posted by Optical Dave on April 22nd, 2008 12:42 PM

We need more ImpEx revivals! Vote for everything!

(no subject) +3
posted by Burn Unit on April 22nd, 2008 12:58 PM

OliverX sighting. Celina sighting. Star5 sighting. Inktea at large and painted up. MN0 runners and chasers completing the CG0 course, recent Curio Sir praxis spotted, rumblings from Darkaardvark, thousands and thousands of feet of string being purchased on the internet, cabals plotting the MN Journey... Springtime in Minnesota: arise SFZero, the bell tolls for thee!

(no subject)
posted by Jellybean of Thark on April 22nd, 2008 1:27 PM


(no subject)
posted by Dax Tran-Caffee on April 22nd, 2008 5:06 PM

Wonderful run MNØ. You are remarkable guests and remarkable chasers.

I'll be carrying the CGØ flag when Journey comes to Minneapolis. We'll see if you can steal it from me again.

(no subject)
posted by Ink Tea on April 22nd, 2008 11:31 PM

How do you lose a flag? Was it a big flag or a little flag? What did it look like?

(no subject)
posted by Jellybean of Thark on April 23rd, 2008 10:12 AM

The adventure looks all the more epic being able to see it on a map.

(no subject)
posted by star5 on April 23rd, 2008 12:15 PM

it was quite epic. i was epicly exhausted at the end.

(no subject)
posted by Dax Tran-Caffee on April 23rd, 2008 2:37 PM

I wonder what your total mileage was.

(no subject) +1
posted by star5 on April 23rd, 2008 11:24 PM

well based on my map.. it was 8.77 on foot, and 1.25 on train.. but i know the foot was actually more than that.. there were double backs and stuff.. especially being a chaser. probably around 9 or 10 on foot..

i'd love to see maps of everyone's experience. i'd love it even more if everyone had some sort of gps trackers on them that would record it for later.. so you could compile them and watch the event on a map.. see everyone leave.. and then have it change from blue to red when people were caught.

(no subject)
posted by Sparrows Fall on April 25th, 2008 9:06 AM


YES. That is EXACTLY what I've been thinking for DAYS. Wouldn't it be fantastic to see all the groups surging back and forth, the bottlenecks where all the blues go red, the slowing and speeding up of the dots as they enounter each other?

I actually tried to look up how much GPS chips would cost if bought in bulk, but a casual Google didn't bring up a cheap source. I'm kind of afraid to do a thorough search - after all, DC's Journey to the End of the Night is coming up soon...

(no subject)
posted by Dax Tran-Caffee on April 30th, 2008 11:59 AM

As for the live tracking of players, Blast Theory are masters of that shit.

I think the tech is a little overrated, personally.

(no subject)
posted by JJason Recognition on April 30th, 2008 12:22 PM

You'd have trouble using GPS, at least during the downtown sections of the run. The tall buildings interfere with satellite connections, making data collections really inaccurate.

(no subject)
posted by Vizzini Siciliano on April 30th, 2008 12:24 PM

and i quote: hitherto inconceivable levels. silly citizen.

(no subject)
posted by Fonne Tayne on April 30th, 2008 11:39 AM

SF and OAK need to round up a Silicon Valley Zero. SVZero will be responsible for advancing Journey technology to hitherto inconceivable levels of complexity, efficiency, and win.

(no subject)
posted by Dax Tran-Caffee on April 30th, 2008 12:00 PM

Ancestrally, I'm SVØ. I wonder if I can round some people up in the ol' SJ.