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Markov Walker
Time Lord
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Last Logged In: July 7th, 2017
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Metal Detector by Markov Walker

December 12th, 2009 10:09 PM / Location: 41.900474,-87.68663

INSTRUCTIONS: Detect and pursue metal.

Before last night I had never listened to Pelican. All I had to go on was that they were from Chicago, instrumental, metal, and people of discriminating taste in metal liked them. So I had to seek them out and acquire some.

They played the Empty Bottle last night, which is my favorite music venue in the city of Chicago. It also happened to be my lady's birthday, come midnight anyway, and she'd had friends recommending Pelican when they found out she was moving to Chicago.

When we got there Black Cobra was playing. Black Cobra, for those who don't know, is a singer/guitarist and drum duo. They did noisy, screechy metal, full of barking vocals, distorted guitar, and overwhelming cymbals. It was all way too high pitched and noisy for my tastes.

Up next was Pelican. Their music seemed simpler than I expected, but I was in no way disappointed. Here's a video of them performing Ephemeral from their newest record, What We All Come To Need.

Not satisfied with merely seeing them live, I decided to pursue this metal further. So I found a torrent of What We All Come to Need and made a grab. Listen to An Inch Above Sand, then go find some metal for yourself.

- smaller

Black Cobra.JPG

Black Cobra.JPG

Black Cobra played before Pelican. They aren't my sort of metal.



Tuning between songs. And the back of some guys head.

bus ride home.JPG

bus ride home.JPG

Myself and my metal detecting partner on a ride home.



Pursuing metal from the comfort of my home.

06- An Inch Above Sand.mp3

An Inch Above Sand

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