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Dan |ØwO|
Level 6: 1438 points
Last Logged In: October 14th, 2015
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Correspond with a spammer by Dan |ØwO|

March 20th, 2010 3:07 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Correspond with a spammer.

Sas to the frass told me this counts. And I need points so I can start talking about addiction. This girl seemed sooo real. And her profile is still up, so it seems she does cam. However, through out our conversation she spent the entire time trying to get me to pay her for sexy time. So I'm filing this under spammer. And collecting my 15 points.

Here is my plea for extra points from you guys.

1. Look at my icon's face. Could you say no?
2. I supposedly hooked you all up with a spammer's email address. I haven't mailed "her."
3. It's, you know, kind of funny.
4. I need the points to make level 4 so I can talk addiction talk.
5. Plus, it's not like you guys aren't sitting on a zillion points. Common, throw me a fiver.
6. TL:DR Skip to the jpegs.

You can see this girls full profile.

Feb. 21

(10:41:56 am)Dan:What are the chances your IM is on so that you can talk to random cute internet boys?

(10:42:43 am)Dan:My name is dan, by the way.

(10:42:51 am)kaith19:hey dan what's up?

(10:42:56 am)kaith19:nice to meet you

(10:42:59 am)kaith19:it's kaith

(10:48:32 am)Dan:I am thinking about doing the Ring cycle today

(10:48:47 am)Dan:but the friend I was going with, had a coworker die and so he doesn't feel up to it anymore

(10:48:53 am)Dan:Which is reasonable

(10:49:13 am)Dan:and probably too heavy of a topic for waking up.

(10:49:44 am)Dan:So! any death in your recent life?

(10:50:02 am)Dan:probably not a good ice breaker

(10:50:07 am)Dan:Sorry.

(10:51:19 am)Dan:You are the only Kaith I've ever met--or internet met, as the case is.

(10:51:29 am)Dan:Is there a story there?

(10:56:21 am)kaith19:wow what a long story

(10:57:02 am)kaith19:what do you do for a living?

(10:57:26 am)Dan:The story of how your parents chose your name is long?

(10:57:46 am)kaith19:i don't have storu in my name

(10:57:48 am)kaith19:sorry

(10:58:20 am)Dan:Have you ever met another Kaith?

(10:59:20 am)kaith19:nope

(10:59:47 am)Dan:I take care of an autistic boy.

(10:59:59 am)Dan:He's super high functioning and really swell

(11:00:10 am)kaith19:lol

(11:00:21 am)kaith19:so tell me what do you do for a living?

(11:01:55 am)Dan:i just... did.

(11:02:14 am)Dan:but I like to keep work work and okc okc. I kind of feel like talking about it invades his privacy.

(11:02:28 am)Dan:I enjoy it though. it's fun.

(11:02:35 am)kaith19:cool

(11:04:41 am)Dan:Have you ever met anyone cool off the internet?

(11:04:50 am)kaith19:not yet

(11:05:19 am)Dan:It's the way of the future. I've made tons of my best friends this way.

(11:05:52 am)kaith19:well that's good for you

(11:06:01 am)Dan:Have you always lived in Chicago?

(11:06:11 am)kaith19:you know what i'm doing in my life?

(11:06:22 am)kaith19:i do modelling in some sort of site

(11:06:35 am)Dan:Yeah, but have you always lived in chicag?

(11:06:42 am)kaith19:yup

(11:07:06 am)Dan:what is your fav. part of town?

(11:08:36 am)Dan:I really like wicker park

(11:10:29 am)Dan:Have you spent much time in Andersonville?

(11:13:03 am)kaith19:ni'm in elgin

(11:13:12 am)kaith19:sorry but i'm in my site now

(11:13:25 am)Dan:I don't know what that means

(11:13:30 am)Dan:Oh

(11:13:31 am)kaith19:so it will take long to answer

(11:13:40 am)Dan:Right, the modeling thing

(11:13:45 am)Dan:Sure, that's okay

(11:13:46 am)kaith19:yup

(11:13:53 am)Dan:take your time. I know how it is

(11:14:08 am)kaith19:if you want come on my site

(11:14:08 am)Dan:But like I said, I like to keep work and okc separate.

(11:14:12 am)kaith19:we can chat there too

(11:14:42 am)Dan:Oh I appreciate that but I'd hate to bug you while you were working on stuff.

(11:15:07 am)Dan:I don't consider elgin to be chicago.

(11:15:51 am)kaith19:it's alright no worries

(11:15:55 am)Dan:Do a lot of people there call it chicago? I know a lot of burbs think of it that way. and in a lot of ways it makes sense.

(11:15:57 am)kaith19:so you want to come in my site?

(11:16:15 am)Dan:I don't understand

(11:16:32 am)Dan:You have to go work? Is that what you are telling me?

(11:16:47 am)Dan:Wait!

(11:16:47 am)kaith19:yes but you can come to me there

(11:16:57 am)kaith19:if you want

(11:17:00 am)Dan:are you offering me a job

(11:17:03 am)kaith19:so we can still talk there

(11:17:10 am)kaith19:no it's not a job

(11:17:15 am)Dan:Do you think I could be a model?

(11:17:40 am)Dan:Does it pay well?

(11:17:50 am)kaith19:i'm not saying that

(11:17:54 am)Dan:Oh

(11:17:57 am)Dan::(

(11:18:01 am)kaith19:your just going to be my guess in the site

(11:18:15 am)Dan:You don't think I could do it, huh.

(11:18:23 am)kaith19:you can do it

(11:18:29 am)Dan:YEAH!

(11:18:33 am)kaith19:do you really want to be a model in my site?

(11:18:40 am)Dan:I would be a great model

(11:18:45 am)Dan:I could talk to people

(11:18:48 am)Dan:and cat walk

(11:18:50 am)kaith19:that's cool

(11:19:00 am)kaith19:so you want to be a part of it?

(11:19:07 am)Dan:Do they take guys?

(11:19:13 am)Dan:Or would I have to pretend to be a girl?

(11:19:14 am)kaith19:yes off course

(11:19:20 am)kaith19:lol

(11:19:32 am)Dan:What's it pay?

(11:19:50 am)Dan:I mean, is it awesome amounts of fun?

(11:19:59 am)Dan:Who is your boss?

(11:20:36 am)kaith19:it pays well

(11:20:42 am)kaith19:you will konw it

(11:20:51 am)Dan:I bet it helps that you're a girl, though.

(11:22:22 am)Dan:But I could get into it. I could create costumes and get professional pictures done. I could use my porn name, and try to be edgy like a suicide girl. only I'd be a suicide boy

(11:22:24 am)kaith19:yup

(11:22:34 am)kaith19:lol

(11:22:41 am)kaith19:ok let's forget it

(11:22:45 am)Dan:What

(11:22:50 am)kaith19:would you like to be my guess?

(11:23:01 am)Dan:Are you calling me ugly?

(11:23:09 am)Dan:Getting my hopes up just to dash them

(11:23:12 am)kaith19:no it's not that

(11:23:31 am)Dan:listen, Kaith, if you don't want to be my friend. I understand

(11:23:51 am)Dan:I'm bummed, but I understand.

(11:24:13 am)Dan:This is a dating site, and maybe you're looking for a certain type of guy

(11:24:39 am)Dan:Like maybe you are into Brown eyes rather than blue

(11:24:44 am)Dan:some people are like that

(11:25:52 am)Dan:Maybe there are other jobs like yours though, that I could do.

(11:25:55 am)kaith19:i didn't say that you are ugly

(11:26:18 am)Dan:Right, I know, you just said you did n't like the color of my eyes.

(11:26:26 am)Dan:blue isn't for everyone

(11:26:46 am)Dan:but if you're looking to make a brown eyed baby or whatever, you don't want to take any risks.

(11:28:02 am)kaith19:lol i'm not talking the looks of a guy

(11:28:43 am)Dan:Hey, Kaith. Can we talk more later. I have to go to Mass.

(11:29:08 am)Dan:I'm a little scared your profile is going to get flagged

(11:29:20 am)Dan:because people are jerks.

(11:29:29 am)Dan:will you give me your real email address?

(11:30:05 am)Dan:A lot of okcers dont' understand modeling

(11:32:11 am)Dan:They think it's like a scam

(11:33:06 am)Dan:Did I lose you

(11:33:12 am)Dan:to work

(11:33:14 am)Dan:go work

(11:33:48 am)Dan:I am going to run away. But it was very nice talking to you

(11:33:58 am)Dan:*waves goodbye

Feb. 22

(1:35:12 pm)Dan:Hey, so how goes the modeling? Are you working today?

(1:36:22 pm)kaith19:yes

(1:36:31 pm)kaith19:want to check me out in the site?

(1:36:41 pm)Dan:Did you talk to your boss about hiring me?

(1:37:08 pm)kaith19:you just need to contact the management

(1:37:15 pm)kaith19:want to take a look on it?

(1:37:25 pm)Dan:give me their email address

(1:37:35 pm)Dan:What's the guy's name

(1:37:44 pm)Dan:Do you know anyone else who does it?

(1:39:02 pm)kaith19:can you follow my instruction?

(1:39:34 pm)Dan:I can write an email and send off a resume.

(1:40:28 pm)kaith19:i said can you follow my instruction

(1:40:30 pm)kaith19:yes or no?

(1:43:29 pm)Dan:I am capable of following instructions

(1:44:08 pm)kaith19:good

(1:44:13 pm)kaith19:

(1:44:30 pm)kaith19:copy that links and paste it in your new windows or tabs

(1:44:35 pm)kaith19:got it?

(1:44:48 pm)kaith19:then fill up the form

(1:44:53 pm)kaith19:did you got me?

(1:45:03 pm)Dan:great!

(1:45:05 pm)Dan:thanks

(1:47:59 pm)kaith19:no problem

(1:48:06 pm)kaith19:just let me know once youa re doe

(1:48:09 pm)kaith19:okies?

(1:48:41 pm)Dan:Have you ever done chat roulette?

(1:49:12 pm)kaith19:are you filling up the form?

(1:49:22 pm)kaith19:nope what's that stuff?

(1:52:01 pm)Dan:

(1:52:16 pm)Dan:you just cam with super random people

(1:52:49 pm)kaith19:are youdone filling up the form?

(1:54:44 pm)Dan:nope, I'm doing some research and you know how it is, when you have your IM on everyone just bombards you with chat requests

(1:55:20 pm)kaith19:it's just easy to fill it

(1:58:36 pm)Dan:but google says they scam people

(1:58:42 pm)Dan:I don't want to scam people

(1:58:47 pm)Dan:I want to be a model

(1:58:49 pm)Dan:you know

(2:00:25 pm)Dan:i don't want to have people get a re-accuring bill. I used to work for and they did that all the time to people

(2:00:27 pm)kaith19:lol it's not

(2:00:52 pm)Dan:google says you're not even really living in elgin.

(2:01:47 pm)kaith19:lol how come they know that?

(2:02:40 pm)Dan:I don't know, your photos tineye all over the place.

(2:03:13 pm)kaith19:what did you ask to google?

(2:03:20 pm)Dan:But we can still be friends!

(2:03:22 pm)kaith19:what the exact words?

(2:03:36 pm)Dan:I don't care where you live

(2:03:48 pm)Dan:I have long distance pen pals marked

(2:04:03 pm)Dan:I talk to this one girl from Estonia, who is super cool.

(2:04:18 pm)Dan:Have you ever read pippi long stalkings?

(2:04:34 pm)kaith19:what the exact words you ask in google?

(2:05:41 pm)Dan:Did you ever read pippi long stalkings?

(2:05:56 pm)kaith19:i'm asking you

(2:06:06 pm)Dan:I have read it, yes.

(2:06:12 pm)kaith19:how come they know about me?

(2:06:32 pm)Dan:You sound like that rap song, "you don't know about me, you don't know about me. "

(2:07:15 pm)Dan:Kaith, it's okay. you know, it's the internet. You model a bit. Websites steal your pictures and post them for free, or charge people money. That's going to happen

(2:07:18 pm)Dan:forget about it

(2:07:29 pm)Dan:Let's talk about sweeden

(2:07:56 pm)Dan:What about Breakfast at Tiffanies, at least we got that

(2:08:58 pm)Dan:you've never heard that song either?

(2:10:00 pm)Dan:Give me your email

(2:11:32 pm)Dan:give me your email, that way I can tell you about google

(2:11:36 pm)Dan:I can't do it over this

(2:11:40 pm)Dan:it's not secure

(2:12:47 pm)kaith19:lola

(2:12:58 pm)kaith19:are you sure of it?

(2:14:54 pm)Dan:Why is your english sooo shitty? Use Babblefish

(2:14:58 pm)Dan:I have to go

(2:15:01 pm)Dan:send me your email

(2:15:05 pm)Dan:we will talk

(2:15:19 pm)Dan:I'll show you how to make some real internet money

(2:17:03 pm)
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This "is" the spammer in question.

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Hi, welcome to the game! +1
posted by Haberley Mead on March 20th, 2010 4:17 PM

Hey Dan, welcome to SF0!

Great completion, but I just want to give you a quick bit of advice that I got when I started to play the game, just so you know for the future. Don't go begging for points at the start of your praxis - as long as the praxis is good enough, it should speak for itself. People will read it and rate it regardless of the first paragraph, but that just makes you sound desperate :)

Great work though, hope to see more from you soon!

(no subject) +1
posted by Lincøln on March 21st, 2010 12:26 AM

I dunno, I found his pleads for points endearing.
And he got some of mine.

just so you know... +1
posted by Developer Pixie on March 20th, 2010 4:21 PM

if you want to do a task for sentimental reasons, ask the admins and even if you are too low of level, they may sign you up.

Don't task for points, task for the experience. Make the most of every task you do.

Good luck with addiction and welcome to SF0

(no subject)
posted by Markov Walker on March 20th, 2010 5:24 PM

Knowing this Dan character, I would take his begging for points as an attempt at humor.

It works better in person, really.

vagrant erections +3
posted by gh◌st ᵰⱥ₥ing on March 20th, 2010 7:32 PM

where can I go to see you model, dan? I fill out forms . . .

Will model for points +1
posted by Dan |ØwO| on March 21st, 2010 12:05 AM

No joke. I'm a beggar. And have no problem showing desperation. I'm desperate for points. Thirsty for them.


(no subject) +1
posted by Markov Walker on March 21st, 2010 8:19 AM

An attempt at humor does not entail that it is not genuine. The best humor comes from the heart.

(no subject) +1
posted by done on March 21st, 2010 9:38 AM

I throw you a fiver. Cause I'm sitting on a zillion of points.

I don't mean modeling.
posted by Picø ҉ ØwO on March 24th, 2010 6:03 AM

You and my fiance do the same job.

(no subject)
posted by Sass Afrass on March 26th, 2010 6:28 AM

i too know dan and know that his plead for points was both serious and hilarious. he would do this over a bowl of ice cream or to try to get you to walk him to the train. he would do this to get you to hold his hand or to see a play with him. he is a roamer, a beggar, a party favor. and i can hardly ever say no to those pleading eyes. +5 points, especially because i was there for that first conversation when we realized she was a spammer but dan still wanted her to be real.

Burgeoning modeling career
posted by Greta Heiss on April 13th, 2010 10:42 AM

LOL, I'm gonna have to get you out here so we can do a photoshoot. Just throw your hair over your face again and no one will know what gender you are. But they will argue about it.

The Big Red X
posted by SF0 Daemon on April 12th, 2011 10:38 AM

This proof has been flagged by 22 of your fellow players (for the benefit of all, flags are anonymous). As such, it has been automatically disapproved. Most likely, they've posted comments explaining why they're displeased. If you think you may be the victim of a bug, injustice, or a gang of Rubins, hit up the contact page.

If you think you can fix this proof, click 'edit this completed task', then 'Un-Submit Proof' (at the bottom of the editing page). Make your changes, hit Submit again, and the flags on this proof will be cleared.

(no subject)
posted by Idøntity matrix on April 12th, 2011 1:01 PM

How many points to get the flag off?

(no subject) +1
posted by Sean Mahan on April 12th, 2011 3:07 PM


I have invented a de-skulerator™, and have de-skulified skuled tasks!

(no subject) +1
posted by Skulfrownery unpleasant on April 12th, 2011 7:46 PM


(no subject) +2
posted by Bryce on April 12th, 2011 8:48 PM

Yaaaay! SISsies to the rescue!

I don't support you, Ønions. I think your culty, score hoarding methods are disgusting.

But I think that you fools who drank the Kool-Aid at least deserve a chance to play.