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Burn Unit
Level 6: 1771 points
Alltime Score: 12747 points
Last Logged In: July 8th, 2017
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30 + 15 points

Journey to Treasure Island by Burn Unit, Danger D. HotBod, Fire Bird

June 20th, 2006 12:28 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Explore Treasure Island. Leave treasure.

From Burn Unit:
Treasure island is a real fake place in San Francisco Bay. We have decided that since the SF Treasure Island was simply the result of human-driven processes, any island can be a treasure island by the mere Declaration of Man; that any Island plus Treasure is a Treasure Island. With that in mind, we set out to explore Minneapolis' beautiful (and very real) Nicollet Island, transforming it into Treasure Island by virtue of adding treasure to it!

We began our exploration of Treasure Island (FKA historic Nicollet Island) on the northeastern side. We walked around and surveilled the amphitheater and Nicollet Island Pavillion, the ominous and massive electrical towers, and the beautiful views of the stone arch bridge, falls, and downtown of our beloved blue city.

We were menaced by geese. Eleanor the Most and Danger D. Hotrod shared some stage time together. We buried treasure in a special location and continued to the western reaches of the island.

Nicollet Island is a truly beautiful place, a treasure in its own right that should be valued and explored by all players-especially Twin Cities ones! On the east the majesty of the river is revealed in harmonies and dissonances with the City. In the middle is a vein of commerce, transportation and education. Nicollet Island Inn and Pavilion make good money there. Then two major Minneapolis avenues (Hennepin and First) overpass it. Then DeLaSalle High School stands there, then a set of train tracks. To the west of the tracks, it is bursting with gorgeous wild plants and flowers and dotted with beautiful homes which date to the 1880s. Many of the homes are in terrific shape, and occupied by quiet, peaceful people. Many of the houses also include quaint or unusual features such as beautiful inset objets d'art.

From Danger D. Hotrod:
We had a nice day walking around Treasure Island. One side of Treasure Island is kind of like a city, and the other side is like a small town neighborhood. It's an Island in the Middle of the City. How cool is that? It's pretty cool, and it has Actual Treasure.

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