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saille is planting praxis
Level 6: 1793 points
Alltime Score: 2083 points
Last Logged In: July 9th, 2012
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The Brewer's Art is a bar where the beer is a complex and evocative as the graffiti on the tables. With a decade or more of combined history at the bar, saille is planting praxis, Lørcán, and FZ! decided to document their experiences with a map. An...

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The Giant Kalevala Colouring Book Tasking across a thousand miles, a year in planning, a dedicated online used bookstore hunt, an oversized roll of newsprint nicked from a newspaper office and duct taped to a suitcase in airline checked baggage, thr...

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Four Quarters Farm interfaith sanctuary in Artemas, Pennsylvania has an outdoor contemplative labyrinth long under construction. Part of it is paved in stepping stones and lit by solar path lights; some of it is still a mowed path and garden stakes a...

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Sure, there's Naked Mail... but what about a Naked Mail Swap?? Everyone was assigned another player to secretly naked mail- here follows the aftermath: Ntan McNunofurbizwax: I received my naked mail. If I had to guess who sent it to me, I'd say......

20 + 187 points :: 16 comments :: 39 votes :: 10 collaborators

C. G. Jung and his family resisted publication of his Red Book for over 75 years based on concerns over two kinds of people: academic colleagues they feared would lose respect for him, and adherents to his philosophy whose devotion bordered on relig...

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Unstill Life by saille is planting praxis September 8th, 2009 5:55 PM

A solargraph is a photograph taken with a pinhole camera containing not film but black-and-white photosensitive paper. Exposed for a time period between a day and six months, a usually undesirable side effect of long-term light exposure to the unf...

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Saille: The best way to get me to do a task I'd never have the guts to do on my own, apparently, is for friends to join the game on the condition that they start with a specific task they can't do on their own. I am terrified of asking anything of s...

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They paved paradise and put up a parking lot. Paradise was sketchy to begin with. Part One: Contact I had originally intended to ask my own personal minotaur for a list of his favourite places in the city past or present, telling him that I was wor...

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In order to avoid worsening my winter cabin-fever melancholy, I decided to choose a country it would be completely impossible to visit. It would have to be a place that makes me happy in theory, yet one I would never want to experience. To this end,...

15 + 90 points :: 7 comments :: 24 votes

To drop for a moment the small amount of character persona I cultivate here, let me begin with some background for this completion. For over fifteen years now, the only surviving members of my father's family have been my father, his two brothers, ...

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