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Bex. A bunch of players from disparate locals wanting to task together. Simple video chat is awesome but has been done before. How to strive for the spirit of shplank in this tired old era? I got it! Let’s have a postmodern meal! Ingredients spread...

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Placepoem by Ty Ødin, Prancing Pixie November 3rd, 2013 2:50 AM

Pixie and I went on a magical capitalistic placepoem haiku adventure! You'll never guess where we went -.-

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I thought space really needed an SF0 graffiti tag. Commenting on my completion of Selective Cleanliness  screen shot capture Justice Supine ⠮⡽⣪Rocket declared "next step make SF0 visible from space" so that is what I did. Well it...

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This here is a group completion between Bex, Sam, Waldo, rahan, Idøntity Player, and Death Cube. Different people have completed varying degrees of the task, but between the all of us, we have so far invented and discovered this non-zero quantity o...

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Objectification² by Prancing Pixie February 2nd, 2013 10:23 PM

I don't have a house, but I often share an apartment with a certain Norse God. This is a picture of him This is another picture (because I like looking at pictures of him) Now that we have established what he looks like, we have to figure out...

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Frank Frink's Colt .45 by Idøntity player December 25th, 2012 3:43 PM

Sometime between the hours of 23:00 December 24th and 07:15 on December 25th ,a ten-31 occurred at 856 unit lane. Thanks to the insistence of a minor occupant, security cameras witnessed the event. The only missing items were a bite of cookie and som...

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Hi SFØ, Long time no see. A few disclaimers before I continue. For starters, this praxis has a lot of colors. Those with epilepsy best only view this with adult supervision, and those with senistasia should put on headphones. :D The second is th...

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RESUBMITTED WITH BEX'S TALE OF WOE!!! Sam: I've been putting off submitting this proof, hoping against hope that my collaborator would return to share her terrifying side of the story, but a year has passed and I think it's time to face the truth. ...

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September 24, 2012 It's been a long saga, for a small amount of currency. What did we learn? (1) Redundancy is good. (Redundancy is good.) If you're ever trying to do this, it's more successful to send many pennies to many people, rather than circu...

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Under The Spotlights by Lincøln July 26th, 2012 12:04 AM

I wrote a few episodic plays that were ten minutes each about the entities that create dreams. The plays were performed at the Sacred Fools theater in a show called Serial Killers. I have included the scripts for the plays as well as some pictures (...

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