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Burn Unit
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Seat Creation And Insertion Phase 1: Schematics by Burn Unit

June 21st, 2006 8:40 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: "The quality of any urban environment can be measured by whether there are convenient, comfortable places for pedestrians to sit."

Design a way to implement new, comfortable forms of seating in the city, or to convert an uncomfortable seating arrangement into a comfortable one.
You may start from scratch, or use already-existing seating schematics (like "The Bench") as a base for your work. In this phase you do not need to implement your system, only design it and begin to determine how it could be implemented.

Very simple concept: add footrests to bus benches. Schematics are attached below. Basically a footrest which can be rotated back under the bench when not in use. Mount the unit to the underside of the bench and use a central bolt or shaft for rotating it. Originally the idea was to mount each footrest on the inside of the sides of the bench base. However, here in the twin cities these are made out of concrete or cement forms. I think rather than dealing with a masonry bit and stuff, it'd be easier to install the support for the swivel to the underside of the bench itself, since that's just wood.

Inside bus shelters there's benches made of metal. I'll examine those and see how footrests could be installed there.

It's also a simple matter to sew together and tie on cushions to the seats of the benches. This would add comfort to the covered bus shelters.

- smaller

schematic 1

schematic 1

Humanitarian Crisis Minneapolis bus bench footrest. Includes exploded view of now-defunct design. Also has a materiel list. Updates reflecting a solution to "the concrete problem" are in red.



Humanitarian Crisis Minneapolis bus bench footrest. Shows functionality and detail of parts. Bolts can be sunk and/or cushions can be added to bench to add comfort. Updates reflecting a solution to "the concrete problem" are in red.

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