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Tasks / Journey To The End Of The Night - May Day 2010

This task is retired.

May Day 2010: Minneapolis and Chicago

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses and dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger's signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.

If you participated in this two-city simultaneous Journey in any way (as a player, chaser, or volunteer), please post your story here. Tell us your story of fear, lust, pain, speed, alienation, loneliness, hate, and desire.

1 to 20 players
50 points
Level 0
Created by Dax Tran-Caffee

Terms: jtteotn, minnesota, journey, chicago, streetgame, death, journeytask

15 completed :: 13 in progress
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this task is retired


(no subject)
posted by Dan |ØwO| on April 13th, 2010 11:02 AM

It seems they need chasers and check point people to make it go off. Please spread the word.

chicago zombie night
posted by Marianne Hanson on May 2nd, 2010 8:08 AM

This was my guy's and my first time, and it was so much fun. I got 2 kills once I became a zombie, and one my friend got the most kills at 18. My guy actually made it all the way throw with out getting caught. this was a very fun night.
There was some confusion around the water areas when tagging humans, are the safe spots only were it is not safe or be chased/tagged (the 100ft rule) or is ever spot near water off limits. The head lady might have said at the beginning of the race but it was difficult to hear her since she did not use any speakers or anything to project her voice.

But all in all I had such a blast and will sooo come again next year!!!

head lady
posted by Nyambura the Rainmaker on May 2nd, 2010 9:38 AM

haha yea my bullhorn died midway through announcements. =(

glad you enjoyed it though!

(no subject)
posted by Marianne Hanson on May 4th, 2010 9:42 PM

yea thats what my guy ended up telling me about the horn :(. I cant wait till next yr. im so going again!!!

so what are the rules about the water again...

(no subject)
posted by Dan |ØwO| on May 13th, 2010 10:41 PM

100ft from Lake/riverfront. You couldn't carry a water bottle with you and say, I'm within 100 ft of water. And water-fountains didn't count as safe zones.

Minneapolis Journey
posted by Blue on May 8th, 2010 9:22 PM

So I did this with one other friend. We started out with 2 other friends, but they bailed out and decided they didn't want to do it after 5 minutes. So after our abandoning friends gave us some quick directions from her GPS phone, we set off.
We got seriously lost due to shitty directions, and ended up on some roof of a U of M building! After asking several people we found our way to the first checkpoint. On the way to the second checkpoint, we again got lost and barely made it there. We ran into another group at the second checkpoint and followed for a bit, then split off and found the 3rd checkpoint without too much hassle. As we left the third checkpoint we were behind these two girls, and our guard couldn't be more down because we happened to be staring at these behinds. I suddenly hear footsteps running, there was a girl chaser not 10 feet behind us running towards us. I screamed SHIT, shoved the two girls in front of us out of the way, and sprinted as fast as i could into a parking lot.
After we recovered from our mini heart-attacks, we followed the light rail tracks to the fourth checkpoint. We met up with another dude and started walking down a street when two girl chasers showed up and started, well, chasing. We all 3 went separate directions, and I hid behind a truck. The girls passed me chasing the other guys. I went a couple minutes, and then heard some girls talking about checkpoints, and my vision is terrible, so I actually stood up and asked if they were chasers. They were, of course. They both went separate directions around the truck, I somehow sprinted to the right and evaded their clutches, possibly by inches.
I met back up with my friend at the next checkpoint, and we stayed cautious going through downtown, as we saw several chasers walking around. We thought one guy overlooked us and we were hiding behind a big green thing, and as we peeked out again to look he was sprinting towards us! We took off towards the nearest bus stop and made it. We then back tracked several blocks and tried to hook around to the finish, but there was a girl there that was impeding our progress. We went around another block, quickly realizing the end was only open on two sides, with fifteen foot sloping granite walls on the other two sides. So, I hiked up my friend, and then he helped pull me up and we made it to the final checkpoint. I think we were 12th and 13th. That was the most fun i've had in years, they should do it more than once a year! Thanks SF0!


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